Every small business owner knows that the key to continued success is the ability to change and adapt to the needs of the market. Business failures can serve as great learning opportunities, and past victories can set the stage for new ones. But sometimes, you get stuck in a rut. You push and pull, but nothing moves. When this happens, many business owners instinctively keep doing what they've done in the past, in hopes that what used to work will continue to work. However, this practice can often lead to a plateau or worse a decline in revenue. Here are some tips for what to do when your company gets stuck in a rut:

Don't be afraid of change 

It's easy for business owners to become complacent. After all, the familiar can be comfortable even if it's largely ineffective. For example, suppose your business sends an email to prospective clients every month. You've been doing it for years despite a relatively low return on your investment, but you keep on with it because the email is quick to update and inexpensive to deploy. But have you thought of trying something new? After all, there are many ways to communicate with your prospective customer base. Regardless of your situation, don't be afraid to change what you're doing if the results aren't there. Try testing a variety of prospecting methods and track your results. Your bottom line will thank you for the extra effort.

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