It’s hard to believe in a world that has been shrunk so significantly by technology, but there are still mysteries that remain to be solved. There are things that we can’t explain, no matter how hard we try. And when we do try, our efforts are dismissed as delusions or mistakes or hoaxes.

So it is with Bigfoot.

The legendary cryptid has been a part of American legend for hundreds of years. And while it is best known for roaming through the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of other places in this country that could conceivably play host to the elusive beast.

Places like Maine.

Michelle Souliere’s new book “Bigfoot in Maine” (The History Press, $21.99) digs into the cryptozoological phenomenon’s history here in the State of Maine, delving deep into various archives and reaching out to a variety of eyewitnesses, bringing to life the beast’s ongoing presence in the Pine Tree State.

It’s a well-researched and well-written tome, built on a foundation of testimonies – some drawn from aged newspapers, others from the mouths of those who saw … something … with their own eyes. Souliere’s hypothesis is simple – Bigfoot has and may still walk the woods of Maine.

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