Wednesday, 27 February 2013 15:08

This is home

Nothing in my repertoire says Yankee, comfort and home quite like bean Swagan. It was the very first dish Dad ever taught me (behind biscuits) to make when I was 14. I have enjoyed it ever since. All us Yankee Chefs have stood by one recipe through the years, only making Swagan with beans, ham, ketchup and water. That's it! So what do I do? Now that my mentors are gone, I am Yanking this thick soup, by adding some great sausage I get from and a vegetable or two. If you prefer not to add ketchup, use tomato sauce instead. But I find the spices in ketchup fit perfectly with recipe, as did two generations before me. So if anyone rolls their eyes because this isn't a gourmet ingredient so what!

Published in The Cooking Edge


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