Wednesday, 06 August 2014 10:53

Back to school shopping

Everyone is facing the same joy and dread of back to school and all the joys and hassles that accompany this time of transition.

One of the tasks for this time of year is preparing the wee ones with proper clothing and needed additional materials. This could mean anything from technology to undies. If you are running out of creative ways to stretch your budget, maybe these ideas will help.

  1. 1.) Take an inventory - Set aside an appropriate amount of time to completely look through what the kids have: clothes, shoes, boots, outwear, paper, notebooks, pencils, everything. (You may want to properly prepare by pouring yourself a cold adult beverage.) Another way to tackle this job with energy may be to enlist a buddy to work with you. If they help you, you'll go to their house and perform the same task so neither of you has to swim alone.
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Friday, 09 August 2013 12:33

Adventures in back to school shopping

It's time to get this party started, kids. Yes indeedy, it's back to school shopping time. I wait until August to write about back to school anything so we have some time to enjoy summer, but many of you may have already begun your back to school planning.

Looking for practical ways to teach little people about money? Back to school shopping provides a perfect opportunity. According to money studies, many of us are doing a good job in this particular financial budgeting, but let's look at some great ideas to help tweak your plan.

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