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Adventures in back to school shopping

It's time to get this party started, kids. Yes indeedy, it's back to school shopping time. I wait until August to write about back to school anything so we have some time to enjoy summer, but many of you may have already begun your back to school planning.

Looking for practical ways to teach little people about money? Back to school shopping provides a perfect opportunity. According to money studies, many of us are doing a good job in this particular financial budgeting, but let's look at some great ideas to help tweak your plan.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 21:26

Back to school on a budget

This year is a bit different for our family when it comes to back to school supply shopping. Usually it's just binders, book covers, pens, pencils and the various other things students typically need. However, we now have a college student along with our youngest who is still in middle school. This means two distinctly different lists of supplies.

Our youngest still needs the basics, but since I have stocked up a lot of items the past few years, I only have to get a few of the bigger-ticketed items such as a divider binder and backpack. On the other hand, our college student needs quite a bit more. He's living on campus, so we have to outfit his dorm room and also get special items such as an advanced calculator they can cost up to $150.

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Thursday, 01 September 2011 18:52

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Back to school stresses of both kids and parents

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