Wednesday, 22 August 2012 22:50

Everyone is fine, even mom

Everyone is OK. It's important to start these stories with that caveat.

Anyone with a toddler knows about the unique terror-filled joy of watching your bean go through the metamorphosis from the larval infant stage into a toddler. Pulling up into a standing position, cruising around on furniture and wobble-walking across open spaces you get the idea. And then there are the experiments with gravity.

Heads are bonked, tears are shed, boo-boos kissed. Until the Big One happens.

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Friday, 27 July 2012 12:34

They say it's your birthday

What a ride. Year one will soon be a thing of the past. How strange is that?

This past year has been a blur. New parents, you'll be told often how quickly time flies. And it will. Time takes on this strange quality when you have kids. The days themselves seem to go soooo slowly, but the weeks and months fly by. It seems like yesterday that I had my kids in my belly, and now they're pulling themselves up by the furniture and speaking in tongues.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 14:03

Road Triplets

Going for a ride in the car, car

It's no secret: I don't get out much. Most of the time, if you want to see me, you come to see me. The logistics of going places with three babies in tow is difficult on a good day. You have to time the feedings just right, and hope for a good long nap. The longest trip we'd ever been on was to Waterville to see an eye specialist (routine checkup stuff, but seriously, why isn't there one in Bangor?).

So, my first Father's Day gift to my husband was a couple days in the house to himself. With my super-amazing Mother-in-Law we took the three beans to visit their out of state grandparents on my side of the family. In one fell swoop I would make my babies interstate travelers and introduce them to their great, great Aunt Anita. But first, we had to get there.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 16:09


First words, man. How do you decide what counts as a word? At our house, everyone said DaDa first. It's true. I hate it a little bit, but it's true. Dadadadadada All three of them. There is some small debate whether or not one of my gals tried to say Maaaaah first, but that's neither here nor there. Because neither my husband or I think they actually know what they're saying at this point. They know that they can get Mom and Dad to act funny when they do something.

The predominant form of communication is still laughing and yelling. This can also apply to Mom, depending on how much coffee she's had and how well sleep happens. And sleep does happen.

It's amazing how quickly you get spoiled on sleep. In the beginning, you couldn't rub together two hours of nap time; now I find myself whining when I only get six hours of sleep. Your brain is a funny thing. But I digress. Communication. Since the kids can only communicate in a limited fashion that involves screaming, it's important that you, as the adults, have keen communication skills. Which isn't always easy when you're sleepy and stressed.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012 12:45

Unhappily ever after

There was something of a startling revelation as our kids began to do things like sleep through the night, laugh and be generally happy. The revelation was that not everyone wants us to be happy.

No, no, no it's nothing sinister. But there is a certain type of person who will ask how things are, and if we tell them good news (e.g The kids started sleeping through the night! Or They're such happy babies, etc.) these people will follow up almost immediately with something like 'Wait till they start teething!' or 'Wait till they start getting into everything.'

I haven't been reduced to tears yet. But I have had to keep myself from petulantly telling them to shut their stupid mouths. 'Cause, seriously, I don't want to hear it.

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