Tuesday, 29 September 2015 21:17

Attitude is everything

I want to address something that I see in the salon time and time again. I know that we all want the perfect hairstyle. But I notice a lot of people will go and try a new salon or a new stylist in hopes that in one visit a miracle will happen. I call this setting yourself up for failure. Stop and really think about what you are expecting. You are going to a new salon assuming that since you heard that they are so "great" then they should be able to do what you want. After all, they are the professionals - why can't they give you the hair you have been wanting? Why can't you find a hairstylist to give you the cut or color you want?

These are all good questions, but the problem lies elsewhere. The reason I want to address this is not to offend you, but to educate you. I want each of you be able to go to your next hair appointment and leave with the style that you have always wanted. There are many factors that play into the outcome of getting what you want and also being realistic about your options.

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