BANGOR - It's been a busy fall for the Bangor Humane Society, which competed in this year's ASPCA Rachel Ray $100K Challenge. As part of the competition, the shelter and its staff were given the challenge of finding forever homes for 300 or more animals than the amount of animals they adopted out from Aug. through Oct. 31, 2011. And during the last month of the competition, the Bangor Humane Society discovered it was one of three shelters in the running for the challenge's $25,000 Community Engagement Award.

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BANGOR - The Bangor Humane Society is one step closer toward winning the ASPCA $100K challenge. For two weeks the Mt. Hope Avenue shelter depended on online votes from the public to help push the facility into the national competition. When all the votes were tallied, the Bangor Humane Society finished fourth in the Northeast, a division that also includes shelters from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

"We ended up with a little over 15,000 votes and finished 12th in the country out of 104 shelters and fourth in the Northeast," said Executive Director Suzan Bell. "Androscoggin was in the challenge last year and finished third in the country and first in the Northeast. If they can do it, we can do it."

From April 4 through 16, the public was urged to vote online, once a day, for the shelter they felt was the most deserving to be in the challenge. On April 17, an ASPCA represented contacted the 50 shelters with the most votes to inform them they were eligible for the contest.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 13:18

Bangor Humane Society needs your votes

BANGOR -The Bangor Humane Society could win $100,000, but it needs your help to do so. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, along with talk show host and animal lover Rachel Ray are hosting the $100K challenge which encourages shelters to work harder at saving more lives. Here's how it works - 50 shelters that are selected by their communities will be entered into the contest. If those 50 shelters can save the lives of 300 or more animals from August through October 2012 than they did during those same months in 2011, they could win 10, 20, 25, or even 100,000 dollars.

"We're excited. We're the only shelter in Maine participating, but we have to be voted in by the community first," explained Stacey Coventry, volunteer and Bangor Humane Society public relations manager.

There are more than 100 shelters vying to participate in the $100K challenge, but only the top 50 will be entered into the competition. It's the public who decides through their votes which shelters make the top 50. To vote for the Bangor Humane Society, individuals can go online to The public is allowed to vote once a day, every day from April 5 through April 16.

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