They traveled to nine different countries on five continents in their quest to win the 'Amazing Race' on CBS, but what may be the most memorable thing about David and Rachel Brown's journey is that they set an all new 'Amazing Race' record. The married couple from Wisconsin finished in first place eight different times during this traveling reality show. They are now one million dollars richer and the record holders of the most first place finishes in all of twenty seasons of 'Amazing Race.' I recently spoke with Dave and Rachel to hear firsthand how this television adventure has changed their lives.

The Maine Edge: What's more exciting winning the 'Amazing Race' or setting a whole new record of the most first place finishes?

Rachel: We don't agree on that.

David: Obviously the money is phenomenal but the record I'm most proud of is Rachel & I are the team that has successfully completed the most legs in the history of the program.

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If you had a chance to travel the world free of charge, would you do it? Caitlin and Kendra Devore of Acton, Maine are willing to try. The 22-year-old twin sisters are applying for The Amazing Race on CBS. This reality show, which is preparing for its 21st season, takes 11 two-person teams on a race around the world using all modes of transportation including planes, trains, rickshaws, cabs, boats, etc. The teams are tasked with various challenges along the way in order to receive clues to that day's particular designated pit stop. The last team to check in risks being eliminated, while the team that manages to reach the final destination first wins one million dollars.

"When Caitlin and I are together you never what we're going to say on camera," said Kendra Devore. "We're twins that look nothing alike and haven't lived together or seen each other in person for a while, so hopefully that will appeal to them [show's producers]."

The sisters have spent the last several years attending college in different states. Older sister Caitlin is the one who pushed for the pair to apply for the show. She's been a fan of the 'Amazing Race' since it first aired on CBS back in 2001.

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45-year-old Mark Jackson & 41-year-old William 'Bopper' Minton of Kentucky lasted ten legs on 'The Amazing Race', a CBS reality show that pins two person teams against one another in a race around the world. The southerners were hoping to make it to the finish line and win the million dollars, but came in last place this week and were ultimately eliminated from the race. However, along the way they provided many laughs to viewers like myself and were a joy to watch as they completed challenge after challenge with effortless teamwork, a zest for life, and a positive 'aww shucks' attitude. These Kentucky boys got to travel to places they'd never heard of and they allowed us to experience it for the first time alongside of them. I spoke with Mark & Bopper by phone recently to find out if 'The Amazing Race' was as amazing as they expected it would be.

The Maine Edge: Bopper, last night we saw you willingly shave your head in an effort to win the 'fast forward' and move straight on to the pit stop. However, you still were the last team to arrive. So do you regret shaving your head?

Bopper: Absolutely not, honey. My hair grows unbelievably fast. I will shave my head or cut off my leg for my little girl. I needed to win that money to relocate my family to a healthy environment.

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Nary Ebeid and Jamie Graetz of Los Angeles were the only remaining all female team competing on 'The Amazing Race' until this Sunday's episode. The duo, which came in last during last week's non-elimination round, had not only to complete a detour in Africa that required them to patch a punctured bicycle tire without removing the wheel from the bike, but also a road block that Nary opted to do. That road block included donning a bee suit to collect 500 grams of honey from a bee farm. Both Nary and Jamie were also required to complete a speed bump because of their last place finish during the previous leg of the race. That speed bump included assembling an art display, a task that wasn't too difficult but cost the Federal Agents precious time that they just couldn't make up. As a result, Nary and Jamie came in last again, and this time they were eliminated. I had a chance to speak with the Federal Agents to get their reaction to this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world and compete for $1 million.

The Maine Edge: What happened? Was it just from getting behind in the last leg?

Nary: We were already two hours behind. Assembling the tent [from the last leg] put us way back. And this leg, there was no equalizer. We were hoping there would be an equalizer, like we all get on the same flight. But even with U-turns and the speed bump, there was no room to catch up.

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Only six teams remain on 'The Amazing Race' on CBS. This reality show, now in its 20th season, takes participants on a trip around the world using all modes of transportation. The teams are tasked with various challenges along the way in order to receive clues to that day's particular designated pit stop. The last team to check in risks being eliminated.

On Sunday's episode the teams left Germany and headed to Azerbaijan in Asia where they got to experience what it was like to escape from a plane or helicopter under water. Instead of attempting that challenge, friends Joey and Danny and married couple Dave and Rachel took their chances at the 'fast forward,' a task that, once completed, sends that particular team past all other challenges and straight to the finish line for that day. In Sunday's "fast forward," the teams were required to stack 150 bales of hay, a job that Dave and Rachel breezed through, leaving Joey and Danny to return to the original task. The duo just couldn't recover the time lost attempting the "fast forward" and as a result came in last and were eliminated from the race. I recently got the chance to speak with the boys from the Big Apple to see if they had any regrets about the way they played 'The Amazing Race' and who they'd like to see win.

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