Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:52

A rat's paradise

Life's a rat race to the finish sometimes. We all want to get to the cheese before some other rat noses his little whiskers into our gouda. Though it's painful to admit, sometimes we just have to concede that we're not going to get there first. In fact, we might not get there at all. When we accept the smelly crumbs we come across and start picking up the pieces, sometimes where we end up is even better than the rat's paradise we envisioned.  

In my life I have three unshakeable priorities: my family, my career and my writing. Now that I've added a marathon to the mix, I suppose you could say I have acquired a fourth: training for the marathon. And church on Sunday. Oh, man, I can't forget about Baby Jesus. But that's it: Kids, teaching, writing, running and sweet Baby Jesus. That's it for me. 

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