Tuesday, 17 September 2013 22:45

A fool for fall

I'll admit it right up front. I love everything about fall, from back-to-school to football to crisp days and cool nights to anything pumpkin, be it beer, coffee or cookies. While the change of seasons is more than enough to make me happy, this particular fall is shaping up to be an especially awesome autumn.

Not to gloat too much, but way back in March I wrote that the Red Sox were going to surprise people this year and be a playoff team. While I was optimistic, even I didn't expect the season these bearded bastions of Beantown have provided. Poised to become the first Sox team to ever go from worst to first, this lovable collection is in position to join the 'Idiots' of 2004 and 1967's 'Cardiac Kids' in the pantheon of Boston baseball heroes with a unlikely Fenway combination of solid starting pitching, a lights-out bullpen led by Koji Uehara, and a level of base-stealing prowess that the most geriatric of fans have never seen on Landsdowne Street. The fact that they'll be playing games in October is surprise enough for many, but I think this club has the potential to make a deep run and maybe bring New England the third World Series title this century.
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