The movie world – much like every other aspect of our lives – was radically altered by the coronavirus pandemic starting in mid-March. Instead of sharing the cinematic experience with our fellow moviegoers, we were watching films from our homes.

But there was still plenty to watch.

While there were a handful of noteworthy movies that hit big screens in the first couple of months of the year – “The Invisible Man,” “Emma,” “The Way Back,” “Onward,” even the surprisingly solid “Bad Boys for Life” – I’ve chosen to focus on films that made their debut via streaming service or video on demand.

(Note: I went back and forth about including “Hamilton” on this list. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve seen during all of this, but it’s not REALLY a movie. A technicality, sure, but I needed to make some cuts. Anyway, see “Hamilton” on Disney+ if you haven’t or see it again if you have.)

Sure, we haven’t yet seen the year’s scheduled blockbuster offerings (though it looks like that’s going to change in the coming months, at least to some extent), but there have still been some excellent movies to watch. From big-budget action films to indie dramas to powerful documentaries, these selections run the gamut.

And so, here are some of 2020’s best films (so far).


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