Old Town company marks 100 years in the transportation business

OLD TOWN - Traveling Maine's roadways and beyond has been good for the Cyr family. In fact, they found a way to make a business out it that has benefitted their family and thousands of passengers for the past 100 years.

"We started out as a horse and buggy company and eventually turned into motorized transportation with trucks, taxi cabs, school buses and motor coaches," explained Cyr Bus Line President Joe Cyr.

John T. Cyr & Sons/Cyr Bus Line opened in 1912 and this month the business celebrated its 100th birthday at its home office in Old Town.

"We had a lot of company. We had 450-500 people here in Old Town and we had games for the kids, public speakers, politicians, residents, and friends from the industry. We also had some great food," said Cyr.

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