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Wine before beer, you're in the clear

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CVB to present Wine on the Waterfront and Tap Into Summer

BANGOR Get ready to raise a glass or two on the Bangor waterfront.

The Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau is once again offering up Wine on The Waterfront now in its second year and Tap Into Summer, the Bangor beer festival that is marking its fourth year.

Wine on the Waterfront takes place on June 17, with a VIP session from 4:30 to 5:30 and a general session running from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Tap Into Summer is happening the following day; the VIP session runs from noon to 1 p.m., with the general session then going from 1 until 5 p.m. Both events are happening at 1 Railroad Street near the Waterfront Concerts venue.

All told, Wine on the Waterfront will feature 17 wineries/distilleries, while there will be 20 breweries on hand for Tap Into Summer. Each event will also have four featured producers that will have a bit more space and more offerings available for a slightly more robust experience.

There will also be entertainment for both events. Wine on the Waterfront will have Stesha Cano performing, while Tap Into Summer will feature the Napper Tandies.

Tickets to both events can be purchased at the CVB offices, at Mark's Music, or via the CVB website at General session tickets are $35 and VIP tickets are $50; designated driver tickets are also available.

(Note: Tickets for the VIP session of Tap Into Summer are sold out. Additionally, be aware that prices will increase on the day of the event, so be sure to purchase in advance.)

Kerrie Tripp, the CVB's Executive Director, spoke to The Maine Edge about the process of bringing off these two events. It certainly isn't always easy.

'There are always obstacles,' she said. 'It's just a matter of how we overcome them.'

While the Tap Into Summer template is fairly well-established by now, last year was the first Wine on the Waterfront event. Tripp and company quickly learned that there might be a problem though it was a pretty nice problem to have.

'When creating an event, you have your break-even point and then you have a goal, your pie-in-the-sky number,' she said. 'Well, we exceeded that number by nearly 50 percent. In the end, we didn't have enough glasses. We had to get glasses from our suppliers and from the vintners to have enough.

'There are certainly worse problems to have,' she added with a laugh.

There are definitely a few changes afoot one of which could really open up some great conversations about the products being served.

'One of the changes we made for this year our obstacle this year for both and beer and wine was that we applied for and received a different kind of liquor license,' said Tripp. 'So what actually happens now is that the producers the vintners and the distillers for the wine event, the brewers for the beer event are able to pour their own products.'

Previously, volunteers were required to man the taps and such. But no more attendees will be getting their beer and wine right from the source.

'I think they (vintners, distillers and brewers) enjoy being able to pour their own product and talk about it while they're pouring it,' she said. 'Before, we had to have volunteers - and our volunteers are amazing but the reality is that the volunteer can't talk about it as well as the producer.

'Part of this is about hearing the story,' she continued. 'That sort of thing is what makes this event better. Having the story from all of these folks the story of every single piece of product being offered that's great.'

According to Tripp, a large part of the appeal of putting on events like these is the fact that the whole thing is very locally driven.

'All of these people are Maine-based; these are Maine companies,' she said. 'We are supporting local companies, our local creative economy. We're able to push home that Maine message. I believe very fully in what our folks have to offer, they work really hard to make something good and take a lot of pride in what they make.'

There's plenty of local pride to go around, too. Lisa Sturgeon, Communications & Resource Manager for Geaghan Brothers Brewing, talked about the event's Maine flavor and the value that craft brewing has brought to the region.

'The Maine brewing industry is the fastest-growing industry in the state,' she said. 'And it leads to more than just jobs in breweries, but [also] local farms, tank and electrical fabricators and other resource industries. Beer festivals celebrate the craft of brewing, but also celebrate all of the industries that help us produce the final product that our customers get to enjoy.

'There is no better type of celebration than celebrating summer in Maine, than on the Bangor Waterfront at Tap Into Summer.'

Sturgeon also shared some thoughts about the many benefits inherent to an event like Tap Into Summer benefits that are good for folks on either side of the tap.

'The Maine brewing industry is so full ofcamaraderieand support,' she said. 'Tap Into Summer gives brewers a great opportunity to catch up with one another. It also gives us a chance to talk to beer enthusiasts. We at GBB love the fact that this event is our hometown beer fest and has been a great event the past four years.'

It's remarkable to see just how many craft breweries and wineries there are to be found in Maine. It's a rich and widely-varied scene, filled with all sorts of interesting products. The greater Bangor area has been one of the epicenters of that statewide explosion, so it stands to reason that we should have events here to celebrate it all.

And thanks to the efforts of Kerrie Tripp, the GBCVB and over three dozen brewers/vintners/distillers, we've got two of them.


Wine on the Waterfront (* = featured winery/distillery)

Bartlett Maine Estate Winery (Gouldsboro) *

Breakwater Vineyards (Owls Head)

Catherine Hill Winery (Cherryfield)

Cellardoor Winery (Lincolnville)

Dragonfly Farm & Winery (Stetson)

Fiddler's Reach (Bath)

Hidden Spring Winery (East Hodgdon)

Maine Mead Works (Portland) *

Ricker Hill Farms (Turner)

Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery (Union)

Shalom Orchard (Franklin)

Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery (Union)

The Northern Maine Distilling Company (Brewer) *

Tree Spirits Winery and Distillery (Oakland)

Two Hogs Winery (Vassalboro)

Winterport Winery (Winterport)

Younity Winery (Unity) *

Tap Into Summer (* = featured brewery)

Airline Brewing Company (Amherst)

Allagash Brewing Company (Portland)

Andrew's Brewing Company (Lincolnville)

Atlantic Brewing Company (Bar Harbor)

Black Bear Brewing Company (Orono)

Fore River Brewing Company (South Portland)

Foundation Brewing Company (Portland)

Friars' Brewhouse (Bucksport)

Geaghan Bros. Brewing Company (Brewer) *

Marsh Island Brewing (Orono)

Mason's Brewing Company (Brewer)

Oak Pond Brewery (Skowhegan)

Orono Brewing Company (Orono)

Penobscot Bay Brewery (Winterport) *

Ricker Hill Farms (Turner)

Rising Tide Brewing Company (Portland)

Sea Dog Brewing Company (Bangor) *

Sebago Brewing Company (Portland)

Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company (Whitefield)

SoMe Brewing Company (York) *

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