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Who let the dogs out?

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BABT members meet for a group walk in Brewer BABT members meet for a group walk in Brewer

Dog owners unite for weekly walks in Bangor area

BREWER - We all know exercise is good for us and our four-legged friends. So a handful of area residents that have formed the group Bangor Area Boston Terriers, or BABT, are making walking together a part of their weekly routine.

"Our leader Claire started the group because she was alone with her two Boston Terriers and she wanted to meet new people and get her dogs together with other terriers," BABT group member Lisa Andersen explained. "She actually met her husband through her terriers. He was looking for a dog, thought her dogs looked interesting and so he got her phone number and they eventually got married."

The BABT group has been meeting at the Spring Street park in Brewer on Saturdays where they set out on a stroll with other dog walkers complete with leash, water, doggy treats and waste bags in hand.

"We have a lot of people who come up to us and ask who we are," Andersen said. "This is a good group to work with your dog and get it socialized."

She admits she has seen a change in her Boston Terrier, Lucy, since joining the group.

"Lucy's been socialized ever since we've been walking," Andersen said. "She used to be really leash aggressive. She would see another dog on a leash and go nuts."

Anderson has also been pleasantly surprised to learn just how many terrier owners there are in her neighborhood.

"The only reason I got Lucy is because her previous owners couldn't keep her.... I'm finding there really are a lot of Boston Terrier owners out there."

Andersen said the group has plenty of room for new members and their canine companions.

"We invite anyone. You can have any type of dog; it doesn't have to be a Boston Terrier," she said.

For more information on BABT, Like their Bangor Area Boston Terriers Facebook page or call Lisa Andersen at 949-9649.


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