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Three Pint Stance - What’s in my cooler?

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Summer time is special in so many different ways, but one of my favorite summer activities is loading up a cooler with a few choice cold ones and having a little beer adventure. With so many local breweries canning their beer now, it has never been easier to load up the Yeti (or in my case the $10 Ocean State Job Lot oversized lunch bag) with some great, fresh local suds.

So, what is in my cooler at the moment? Here’s a quick rundown. 

Gneiss Weiss - Gneiss Brewing Company

(Shameless plug, lets get it out of the way first)

Gneiss Brewing Company has released their Hefeweizen - Gneiss Weiss - in cans for the first time ever! Summer time is Hefeweizen time, and now you can enjoy the subtle banana notes and refreshing effervescence of Limerick’s favorite wheat beer anywhere you want (while still observing local rules and regulations, of course)! Look for Gneiss Weiss cans in your usual craft beer spot sometime in the next week or two. 

Flip Flop IPA #32 - Saco River Brewing

While we are talking signs of summer, is there any more surefire sign than flip flops? Saco River Brewing has a rotating, ever-changing IPA called Flip Flop that is not only clever, but absolutely delicious! Of course, you may find that you prefer on particular batch to another, as they try different hop varietals and blends out on each batch, but that’s the nature of this kind of IPA series. The current batch, #32, features Topaz and El Dorado hops. Flip Flop is available in 16oz cans, and I’m not sure if Saco River distributes statewide or not yet, but there is no better time than now to take a trip to Fryeburg (well, maybe during the fair) than now! 

Double Hipster - Mason’s Brewing Company 

The ‘sequel’ to the quite tasty and well known ‘Hipster Apocalypse’ IPA, Double Hipster has everything it’s predecessor has, just more of it! Loaded with Topaz, Idaho-7 and Ella hops, Double Hipster is twice as cool as you’ll ever be, but you’ll get over it someday. Finally available in 16oz cans everywhere you can find it before I do!

Raspberry Lime Seltzer - Polar Beverages

If anyone is ever going to advocate for beer being the answer to every problem, it’s going to be me. That being said, even I know that it’s way too hot out there to just be drinking beer all day.

Stay hydrated my friends!


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