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Three Pint Stance - The joy of reruns

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If you are a reader with a decent memory and a keen eye, you may have noticed that from time to time that the Three Pint Stance is much like today’s modern aluminum cans - often recycled. So sue me. I am a busy person who stays busy by constantly making sure to tell people how busy he is. It can be exhausting, but I manage.

I bring attention to my penchant for playing tracks from the old albums for a reason. You see, most of you probably don’t realize that the article is a rerun (unless you read the thing telling you it was a rerun, because Allen has no chill and always blows up my spot, as the kids would say), because a rerun - when applied in the right situation - can actually be a wonderful thing.

(Editor’s note: I have plenty of chill. And I did not now, nor have I ever, “blown up your spot.”)

Now I begin my pivot into making this about beer. (See how easy a segue is when you plainly acknowledge it?!) Sometimes, in the constant search for what’s new in craft beer, we forget to go back and revisit old favorites. Further, in the quest to try every beer out there, there is more of a draw toward make-your-own mix packs and single cans/bottles. As the irresponsibly-buzzed father-figure of these pages, I must now steel my reserve, fight through the cobwebs in my brain and impart some wisdom.

Stop. Just stop. Look in your beer fridge. It looks like a Jackson Pollack painting in there. No organization, no pattern - just random single beers everywhere. When is the last time you bought a sixer or a 12- or 15-pack? Do yourself a favor and give your taste buds a rest from breaking trail with every beer and have a drinking session of just one brand.

Even better - make it an old one. Kick back with a brew that you maybe haven’t had in a while (for me, that list might include: Sam Adams Boston Lager, Harpoon IPA, Baxter Stowaway, Sebago Anything, Peak Organic IPA, Geaghans Bangor Brown … seriously, the list is stupid long!)

(Editor’s note: For what it’s worth, mine would include Baxter Stowaway, Geaghans Smiling Irish Bastard, Funky Bow So Folkin’ Hoppy, Maine Beer Company’s Lunch and Founders Mosaic Promise, though I must admit to the occasional dalliance with a Miller High Life.)

Your taste buds and preferences change over time and a great way to track that change is to go back to beers you used to love and see how they hold up, both in quality and to your particular palate. The evolution of one’s sudsy journey is a fascinating thing. The only way to really know yourself as a beer drinker is to do the research - and the only way to do the research is to drink.

So get to work, students! This will be on the exam.

(A version of this column appeared in a previous edition of The Maine Edge.)


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