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Three Pint Stance - The 'Dog Days' of Summer

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Been warm out there lately. Powerful warm. Some say it’s too warm. Not me. I say it’s just nature's way of reminding us how refreshing a cold beer can be.

Anyway, if you think it’s tough to be a human during these long says of high summer heat, imagine what it’s like to be a dog in this heat. Further, imagine what it’s like to be a shelter dog in this heat?!

Do I have your attention now? Are you feeling terrible about the fact that there are dogs in shelters while you sit around and drink cold, refreshing barley-pop on the front porch? Great, that’s exactly how I wanted you to feel. Don’t worry, I’m not being a jerk, I promise.

(Editor’s note: There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.)

So, remember how you were feeling bad about the whole shelter dog thing just a second ago? Here is what you can do about that feeling!

Head down to Thompson’s Point on August 25 and buy a ticket to Ales for Tails, the only (that I know of) dog-friendly brew festival in Maine and drink some delicious, refreshing Maine beer while you support the Animal Refuge League of Portland in their mission to care for and re-home as many of our canine friends as possible!

Tickets are available on Only $35 to get in and sample the beers; plus, all well-behaved leashed dogs get in for FREE (no beer for the pups though, of course!). This event historically sells out in advance, so if you think this is something you and your furry friends want to attend, get a ticket ASAP!

So, sorry for the emotional manipulation back there. I hope you aren’t too mad at me. If so, drink a beer and give your favorite doggo a few well-deserved pats or scritches and you’ll start feeling better in no time.

Now, back to my search for a brew fest that will allow me to bring my cat on a leash.

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