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Three Pint Stance - Round ‘em up!

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This week’s Three Pint Stance is going to take a quick look at some of the activity going on at local breweries. It’s a chance to see what’s going on with your nearby favorites.


Blank Canvas Brewery turns two!

This weekend, the smallest brewery in Brewer will be having the biggest party in town! Blank Canvas Brewery is turning two and they are planning a celebration that craft beer fans will definitely not want to miss.

Normally, one day would be enough to celebrate a brewery anniversary, but Stephen Genthener, Head Brewer/Owner at Blank Canvas has waaaaay too many tricks up his sleeve for a one-day party. Blank Canvas has three days of fun planned, with a new barrel-aged beer hitting the taps each day. Thursday the 20th will see a barrel-aged version of BCB’s first-ever release, Sidamo Brown. Friday the 21st features a barrel aged version of the Coconut Red and on the 22nd, a barrel aged version of the Maple Chinook will be on tap.

Also on the 22nd, The Lobstah Buoy food truck will be on site serving up all kinds of tasty treats, and Stephen has his original lineup of Sidamo Brown, Coconut Red and Rhubarb Kolsch on tap to round out the anniversary weekend. Be sure to put 46 Betton St. on your radar this weekend!

Geaghan’s shows ‘Can-do’ attitude

If you have visited the new Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company Tasting Room in Brewer recently, you may have noticed something else new and shiny in that new and shiny space. Geaghan’s Presque Isle Honey Blonde Ale is now available in 12-oz cans! This marks the first of what I hope will be many GBB beers in cans in the months to come.

Getting Funky with OBC

Orono Brewing Company released their first barrel-aged sour beer - Ta-Da Golden Sour - at the Bangor tap room last weekend, and by all accounts the beer was delicious!

(Editor’s note: Can confirm. Was delicious.)

As of press time, I am not sure whether or not Ta-Da is still on tap, but let this notice be a warning to you that OBC has a barrel program, and you definitely don't want to miss out on any of those releases! Keep an eye on OBC’s social media for more info on upcoming releases.

Mason’s West Coast Pilz gets taller, better-looking

When Mason’s Brewing Company in Brewer first released cans, West Coast Pilz was one of the little 12-oz cuties that they released. In the past year, after seeing beers like Hipster Apocalypse and Liquid Rapture packed up in 16-oz tallboys, WCP got a bit jealous, but also decided to do something about it.

Mason’s has announced that West Coast Pilz will be joining the ranks of their 16-oz cans, and a new label has been designed (you can preview it on Mason’s Facebook Page). The beer inside will be as tasty as always, but the fresh new look has really helped boost WCP’s self-esteem. Good for you, WCP. Good for you.

Sprucing it up at 2 Feet

2 Feet Brewing on Columbia St. in Bangor has its Woodlot Scot, a Scottish Export Ale with Spruce Tips back on tap at their brewpub. Made with malt from Blue Ox in Maine, the beer has a wonderful Amber color and I can only imagine what the spruce aroma is like. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I’m pretty sure just drinking a pint of this will cause you to grow a full-on lumberjack beard. Someone please go test my theory. Thanks!


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