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Three Pint Stance - New beers resolutions for 2019

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A new year is once again looming, and much like many other lazy, phone-it-in columnists around the globe, I am opting to write about some arbitrary New Year’s resolutions that neither you nor I will follow.

The new year will be filled with endless possibilities, yet-to-be-discovered adventures and most importantly, NEW BEERS! Here is a list of beer-related resolutions for your 2019. Instead of setting unattainable goals and drowning in the inevitable impossibility of lofty personal ambitions, try these easy-to-follow New Beers Resolutions for a quick buzz and a shot of dry-hopped self-esteem!

Visit one new (to you) brewery per month. With something like 100 breweries in the State of Maine now, and a new one popping up in a town near you soon (seriously, you probably live closer to a brewery than you realize), you really owe it to yourself, intrepid beer-drinker, to go to the source and try as much of this bounty as possible. I understand life gets busy, but with a little planning and foresight, this is completely doable. And to simplify things a bit, let’s just clean the slate for 2019 and say that as of now, you haven’t visited any breweries. This why your local haunts can still count in a pinch. See, I made it even easier for you!

Your comfort zone is killing your taste buds. Sounds harsh, but I’m just saying. This year, make a concerted effort to drink beer from outside of your comfort zone. Hate beers with spices in them? Buy six different ones and really think about what you like/dislike about them. Hate wheat beer? Order it the next time you go out. The point of this is that you never know what you will enjoy until you try it. Beyond that, your taste buds mature and change over the years. With the amazing variety of local beer available today, you would really be doing yourself a disservice by just drinking the same old thing over and over again.

Buy a beer for a stranger. Simple enough, but seriously - do it! I’ll leave the soapbox wherever soapboxes get stored, but seriously: We need to be a bit more kind in this world and that kindness can take many forms. If you are at a bar and you see someone who needs a lift, or someone who is already filled with and spreading kindness, order them up a pint or offer to grab their next round. The thing I love about kindness is that it’s one of the few positive forces in the world that can go viral. It’s usually the bad, annoying and deleterious things that catch on in society, but when people are selfless and good to their fellow humans, people notice. Small acts make big impressions, so go buy someone a beer!

Cook with beer. This might just be a ploy for me to get you to buy more beer (fine, that’s pretty much what it is), but it is also just good advice. Beer doesn’t make every dish better, but it can really make certain things come to life. A few of my favorites:      

Beer Chili - Use instead of stock or water. Hoppy beers work well, but other sorts add depth as well.

Beef/Lamb Stew - Use a stout in place of water. This is magic, I don’t know how it makes stew so much better, but it does. Never make stew without stout.

Beer Batter - When frying foods, batter made with beer has a great deep flavor and can help promote browning. Stay with light/golden ales with maltier profiles.

Beer Ice Cream - I don’t know how to make this, but they had and/or have it on the menu at the fiddlehead and it’s silly how good it is. If you have an ice cream maker and a little daring, experiment with this and let me know how it goes!

Drink no fewer than 2019 ounces of beer this year. That is just over 126 pints, you can do it. Heck, by the time you read this, you are probably already well on your way.

There you have it, a list of things you can do or do not. Just remember that there is no try. Go out there and 2019 like you’ve never 2019-ed before!

(A version of this story previously appeared in The Maine Edge.)


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