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Three Pint Stance - How about Maine Beer Day?

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National Beer Day is cool, but let’s talk about Maine Beer Day

So, as you can probably tell by the cover story that National Beer Day is coming right up – April 7, to be exact. This is observed in recognition of the Cullen-Harrison Act in 19, that redefined what an intoxicating beverage was under the Volstead Act, thus allowing for the production of traditional beer in the USA once again in 1933. While it didn’t mark the end of prohibition, it definitely was an important step along that road and most importantly allowed for the making of beer again! Our long national nightmare was finally over.

(Editor’s note: I literally just told them about this like six pages ago.)

As someone who fully embraces all that beer has to offer, I say enjoy National Beer Day. It is a celebration of both one of the best beverages the world has ever come to know and of the power of the people to shrug off burdensome governmental regulations. Two great tastes that taste great together. Cheers to all that, obviously.

There’s no question that celebrating the repeal of prohibition is great, but I wonder if a more localized beer holiday might be in order.

You see, beer was legal to produce in the States again after the Cullen-Harrison act came into effect, but the industry was so crippled from the decade-long prohibition of alcohol that it would take even more decades before some regions of the country saw a return to beer production.

Take Maine for example. It wasn’t until 1983, when D.L. and Karen Geary incorporated the D.L. Geary Brewing Company in Portland, that there was even a suggestion that beer production could return to New England. That’s over 50 years without any beer being made in all of New England! Half a century without any new local brews. All told, it wasn’t until December 10, 1986 that D.L. and Karen were ready to release their first pints of Geary’s Pale Ale … and aren’t we all glad they did?

It is in honor of that auspiciously sudsy occasion that I propose December 10 be recognized as Maine Beer Day; it’s the choice that highlights the intrepid entrepreneurial spirit that D.L and Karen exhibited when taking the leap to bring beer back to Maine in ’86. Without that move, who knows where the Maine beer scene would be today?

And there you have it. December 10: Maine Beer Day.

Look, I’ll be honest - I don’t know who controls the particular levers of government that could make this happen. I wouldn’t even know where to start. But you, dear reader? You might. If you are or know one of the powers that be that could make this happen, shoot me a text! After all, American beer gets a day, so why not give the best beer in America – Maine beer – a day of its own?


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