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Three Pint Stance - Home(brew) for the holidays

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Is it too early for a holiday themed post? Who cares - it’s my column and I do what I want!

(Editor’s note: So it’s going to be one of THESE. Sigh.)

Now that my little spat of self-righteousness is over, let’s talk about something that is sure to make your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday dinner a smashing success - make some homebrew to serve!

I know, I know. You don’t have time to homebrew. Or you tried it once and it didn’t come out right. Maybe you used to homebrew, but with all the good local breweries around, you sort of got lazy. I get it, trust me, nobody knows lazy like this guy.

(Editor’s note: I didn’t say anything about anything.)

But if I may, I’d like to present the challenge to you in a different way.

If you are anything like me - and for the purposes of this column I will assume you are - you LOVE to cook. And nothing brings out that love of cooking like a holiday feast. There are very few activities that can provide the sense of accomplishment than filling a table with home-cooked foods for family and friends. There is just something so very special about putting your heart and your effort into making food that is not only delicious but is also going to be enjoyed by people you care about.

(Editor’s note: That is a very sweet and decidedly unexpected sentiment. Also, I will assume that my invitation to whatever celebratory dinner is being discussed got lost in the mail.)

With that in mind, why on earth wouldn’t you make a batch of beer to share? It will add that extra layer of homemade to your celebration and allow you one more avenue to present complementary flavors with your meal.

See how much sense it makes?

I know what’s going on in your head right now. You are thinking “I know Tim is right, but I just have no idea where to start.”

(Editor’s note: Literally no one is thinking the first part.)

So, here is what you do. Go to Central Street Farmhouse in beautiful downtown Bangor. Talk to Josh. Tell him you want to go above and beyond this year and bring some homebrew to the holiday table. They have everything you will need. And most importantly, they have the expertise to guide you on your homebrew mission and help you bring the best suds possible to the table.

Not local to Bangor? Have no fear! You can order homebrew kits on the CSFH website, or you could try to find a homebrew shop local to you!

Whatever you do, go the extra mile and ferment a beverage for the table this holiday season. There is no finer feeling than when friends and family raise a glass that is filled with your homemade hooch. Trust me.


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