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Three Pint Stance - Gneiss turns three!

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Three Pint Stance - Gneiss turns three! (Photo courtesy of Gneiss Brewing Company)

(Full Disclosure: The writer is a founder, co-owner and director of Marketing at Gneiss Brewing Company. Heavy bias and personal feelings definitely contributed to the writing of this article.)

Normally, I try to reserve this space for news and information about breweries in the Greater Bangor area, but since my fearless editorial leader Allen Adams asked for some words about Gneiss Brewing Company's forthcoming 3rd Anniversary Celebration, I had no choice but to oblige.

(Editor's note: This is true. He didn't want to, but I insisted. In addition, horn-tooting was demanded.)

Yes, it really has been three years since our plucky little wheat beer brewery first mashed in our inaugural batch of Gneiss Weissand we really haven't ever looked back. From the countless hours brewing, cleaning, filling growlers and sipping pints, one thing I learned is that it's true what they say - time flies when you're having fun.

So, it is in that spirit that we are having ourselves a day filled with fun out in Limerick on October 8.

We have a day of Gneiss beer, tasty food and awesome live music planned. Over 10 different beers will be tapped throughout the day. Wanda's Weiners, Limerick's best sausage cart, will be on hand to satisfy your hunger, while local favorites Lazy Coyote and The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels will be cranking out some killer tunes at 94 Patterson Road.

It's sure to be a fantastic time, so if you can make it down to Limerick, please join us! $10 gets you in the door, a commemorative half-liter Oktoberfest-style mug and your first pour of Gneiss beer.

But beyond the big shindig, we have some exciting things planned for the coming year. We are currently working on the back space at the brewery and hope to have a new tasting room open by the end of 2016. It has been great hosting everyone in our brewing space for the first three years, but the time is right to put in a legit bar so we can host our visitors in a more comfortable and inviting space. With the new tasting room will come more taps and therefore more beer options. Stay tuned here for more information on when the tasting room will be open to the public.

Lastly, on a more personal note, I would like to stop and thank everyone in the Greater Bangor area that contributed to my formative years as both a curious beer drinker and a hapless home brewer. From Asa and Zeth at Central Street Farmhouse who answered my home brewing questions; to Abe and Heather Furth, who always had something new and different on tap to entice me away from the PBR at Woodman's; to Gene Beck, who first kick-started my beer adventure at Hogan Road Deli and then turned it up to 11 at Nocturnem Draft Haus; and to Andy Geaghan, who didn't seem to mind when I pretended to be a staff photographer' for the Edge and tagged along with former editor Katy England as she interviewed them about their new brewery. I just wanted to sneak back there and get a look at that shiny Brewhouse - and I'm pretty sure he knew that - but he didn't call me out, which was cool.

My brewery might be located in the western reaches of York County, but my beer roots are firmly planted in Southern Penobscot County. In fact, Co-Owner and Head Brewer Dustin Johnson and I both brewed our first batches of home-brewed beer while we were students at UMaine Orono (his was way better, that's why he is the Head Brewer!).

To everyone who has supported Gneiss by drinking our beer on tap at their local watering hole or buying bottles at the neighborhood bottle shop, we say a heartfelt thank you. It really wouldn't be possible if people didn't buy the beer, so I guess we are doing something right. It is a truly humbling experience to hand someone a beer you made and see them smile as they take the first sip. Thanks for letting us make beer for you, Maine. We will keep making it if you keep drinking it.



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