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Three Pint Stance - Coffee + beer = absolute magic

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For many of us, we start and end our days with the simple joys of one of two brewed beverages - coffee or beer. Mornings begin with the familiar smell of roasty, robust coffee beans giving up their intense flavor and aroma to the hot water as it passes through the grounds. The end of the day brings the hiss of an opening can or bottle and the effervescent sound as the liquid fills your chosen beer glass. These two brewed staples, coffee and beer, have become an integral part of day-to-day life, and it is time they join together to make sweet, sweet magic!

More and more breweries are using coffee in their beers in new and interesting ways. Most typically, we see coffee and beer intermingled in the dark beer categories. Porters and stouts, with their robust and roasty flavors, support and complement the complexity of coffee exceptionally well.

Some notable examples of dark beer made with coffee are:

Waypoint Coffee Porter - Rising Tide Brewing Company: This porter is made with oats grown in Maine and with coffee roasted in Portland by Tandem Coffee. Waypoint is a great coffee beer because the beer itself is very smooth and allows for the flavor of the coffee beans to stand out without being out of balance. Available September - March in bottles and on draft

The Jolly Woodsman - Banded Horn Brewing Company: The Jolly Woodman starts its life as two different stouts. There's Banded Horn's Norweald, an American stout, and The Mountain, a Russian Imperial Stout that clocks in at an impressive 11-percent ABV. The two are blended and coffee from Speckled Ax roasters is added to create a warming, roasty delight. Available seasonally in bottles and on draft.

Founders Breakfast Stout - Founders Brewing Company: This is the stout with the baby on the label, so you know it's good! Founders has been making some of the best stouts for almost 20 years, and their Breakfast Stout is one of their best sellers. An 8.5-percent ABV Imperial stout, Breakfast Stout is brewed with coffee and imported cocoa nibs, so it has a sweeter, more chcoloately flavor than some other coffee stouts on the market. It is smooth, delicious and goes very well with any and all breakfast offerings.

Coffee Delta - Gneiss Brewing Company (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION): At Gneiss, they take their coffee beers to another level by actually roasting the beans they use in their infusions in-house. The coffee is roasted in very small batches and made into a cold brew concentrate before being added to the beer. Delta is a dunkelweizen, or dark wheat beer, that is brewed with lots of wheat and some chocolate malt to create a smooth, somewhat bready beer that has notes of banana from the fermentation with German hefeweizen yeast. The coffee flavor adds depth and aroma to an already complex and delicious brew. Available on draft only in extremely limited quantities. Next release October 2016.

These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of beer being made with coffee these days. I charge you with going out and exploring as many coffee beers as possible! Just remember to pace yourself - there is some caffeine coming along with that alcohol, so make sure to keep within your limits and enjoy responsibly.


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