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Three Pint Stance - Christmas gifts for beer lovers!

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Christmas is creeping up - and the time available for gift purchasing is growing ever smaller. If you are like me, you haven’t even started yet, so let’s just get right to it. What should you get the beer lover in your life? I have a few ideas.


That’s right, buy them beer! Nothing makes a lover of all beers happier than when someone buys beer for them. Doesn't really matter what, where or how, if the beer person in your life isn’t a total snob, just the gesture of buying them some beer will mean the world to them.

If you wanted to be a little more creative than that – which, whatever – here are a few more suggestions.

Beer tours/ Brew Bus gift certificate

There are so many breweries in Maine now that there are actual companies dedicated to shepherding thirsty beer lovers to the many breweries across the state.

In Southern Maine, The Maine Brew Bus ( and Maine Beer Tours ( are the two leading tour companies, while in the Bangor-area, the Growler Bus ( is leading the way in terms of driving good people to good breweries. A tour with any one of these companies is sure to be an excellent for the curious beer drinker in your life.


Most beer drinkers have a couple of cabinets full of glassware with various brewery logos that have been procured from attending a multitude of “keep the pint” nights. Ask anyone you know who loves beer if they need any beer glasses, and they will probably give you a sarcastic reply about a significant other murdering them with the next glass that comes through the door, but even after saying that i STILL think buying glassware is a good idea.

Now hear me out; most people with the glassware boarding problem just have 65 of the same glass – that is, the only difference is the logo printed on it. I recommend gifting anything but the 16-oz Shaker Pint Glass that has become ubiquitous as America’s designated beer glass. Look into stemmed glassware, snifters, hefeweizen glasses – there’s a ton to choose from. In particular, check out the European glassmaker Rastal, as they make a number of fantastic beer glasses.

Many local craft breweries are carrying glasses of all shapes and sizes now, so make sure to check out your local haunts before skipping online to order.

Beer Dinner/Event tickets

Consider tickets or a reservation for a beer pairing dinner or a brewers festival as a gift for a beer lover. With the growing popularity of beer in certain culinary circles, beer dinners and beer pairing events are popping up left and right. These can be a fun way to discover new and interesting flavors.

Also, brewers festivals always prove to be a fun way to sample new and exciting beers - and there are more of them than ever. If you want to go for a big gift, look into a weekend getaway/beer festival weekend. The best way to try the beers of a new region is to go to a brewfest there.

Christmas is a time for cheer, and beer always brings cheer, so no matter what you get for your beer-lover this season, if it’s beer-related, you’ll have a winner! 


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