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Three Pint Stance - Bring on Flagship February

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Today’s craft beer marketplace is very much a “What have you done for me lately?” type of market, where the new shiny object seems to get all the attention until some other new shiny object comes along and replaces it. This month’s must-have hazy IPA is next month’s shelf turd as a newer, even more dry-hopped beer takes its place in the craft beer zeitgeist, as it were.

This cycle of always needing something new and interesting for consumers has created what is known in the industry as “SKUmageddon.” Basically, there are so many breweries making so many beers that retailers and consumers alike simply cannot keep up. Where a brewery used to be able to count on a certain percentage of their sales coming from their flagship offerings, the trend toward one-offs, collars and otherwise rotating selections has thrown that formula for a loop.

That is where Flagship February comes into play. What is Flagship February, you ask? It is an industry-wide effort to get people to remember their roots and go back and drink the flagships for a change of pace.

Been a while since you have had some Allagash White? Grab a 4-pack! See that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft, the very same one you always look past as you peruse the draft list, well stop looking and start ordering! So many great, consistent and trail-blazing beers are out there, silently watching the industry pass them by.

Let’s take a month (even if it is the shortest one) and celebrate these oft-forgotten beauties! This February, you should try to knock at least five beers off this list (or your own personal equivalent):

Allagash White

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA

Shipyard Export Ale

Geary’s Pale Ale

Baxter Stowaway

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Harpoon IPA

Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA

Geaghan’s Smiling Irish Bastard

Gritty’s Pub Style Ale

Bell’s Two Hearted

Founders All Day IPA

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Stone IPA

Lagunitas IPA

Guinness (in the interest of getting a dark beer on the list)

So, go forth and rediscover some old favorites this February. All those shiny new distractions will still be waiting for you in March, so take the time and remember a few of the beers that helped you fall in love in the first place!


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