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Three Pint Stance - Beers to FALL in love with

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Although it has been a month since the Autumnal Equinox, it feels as though we are just settling into fall here in Maine. With the cooler temps and the prettying of the trees, we also see a shift in selections when it comes to beer. Here are a few autumn offerings that I am digging this year.

Bunker Brewing Company – Bunktoberfest

I’m no historian, but I believe this marks the first time that Bunktoberfest has been made available in cans. Regardless, this is not the first time the crew at Bunker has brewed this beer - and it shows. Bunktoberfest has all the notes you want in a classic Märzen (thats what the Germans call Oktoberfest-style beer) without being overly sweet or too smoky. The beer has a great orange/amber color that almost matched the orange label on the can. If you see this one out on your travels, grab a four-pack!

Banded Horn Brewing – Grätzer

If you like smoky flavors in your beer, but don’t want a really heavy, malty brew, seek out this Polish/German style from Banded Horn. I believe it is available on draft only, but I did see it at Evenrood’s in Bangor last week, so it is out and about. Grätzer is a style that started in Poland and was also adopted by some German brewers. It is a pale brew made with wheat and a solid dose of Oak Smoked Wheat malt, which gives it a subtle campfire note.

Rising Tide – Waypoint

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE coffee. I reallyreallyreally love coffee. I actually used to roast my own coffee (and would still if my roaster didn’t break, but that’s a story for another day). So yes, I love coffee, but you should know that I do NOT love all coffee beers. Waypoint Coffee Porter is one of those coffee beers that just works for me. The key to a good coffee beer is simple - make a great beer and add in some great coffee made from fresh, high-quality beans. Rising Tide follows this formula to a T and it shows. Waypoint is available in 12oz cans and on draft.

Your Closet/Basement - Homebrew Experiment #1

Ok, so this isn’t a beer you can buy, but it is a beer you can MAKE! Fall is the perfect time to jump into homebrewing. Temps are dropping, so ferments will happen at a more pleasing temperature. Not to mention that there is less to do outside. And who doesn’t want a house that smells like a brewery every now and then? Go to Central Street Farmhouse and talk to the experts - you won’t regret it.

NOTE: There are no pumpkin beers on this list (unless you brew one yourself, but … please don’t). Many people enjoy pumpkin beers. Many breweries make pumpkin beers. These are facts that I have learned to accept. I have never met a pumpkin beer that I care for (I’ll concede that I have never had Ghoulship, so maybe there is one out there). If you like pumpkin beer, go drink all of it! You can have my share. It smells and tastes like [REDACTED]. There, I said it.


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