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Three Pint Stance - A beer experience for the holidays

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Usually, at some point around the holiday season, I will put together a list of things that would be cool to get for the beer lover in your life. This year, I am going to do that, but only sort of. Here’s the deal, a beer lover usually only wants one thing. Beer. So instead of just wrapping up another pick-six from the local bottle shop, do the right thing and get that hop head on a brewery tour bus!

Visiting breweries is always fun, especially if it is a brewery you haven’t been to before. And like drinking a beer, visiting one brewery is usually best followed by visiting another! The only real issue I’ve ever had with doing some brewery hopping is the fact that drinking beers and driving cars make for a TERRIBLE pairing. With this in mind, I am apt to just visit the breweries that are a stone’s throw from me and very infrequently will visit more than one in a single day.

A sad situation for sure … but not a hopeless one.

This is where the brewery tour bus comes in! With a ride on either the Bangor-area’s “The Growler Bus” or the Portland-area’s “Maine Brew Bus”, you can visit multiple breweries (and sometimes meaderies and cider makers, because variety is the spice of life!) in a single day and the only thing you have to worry about is getting back on the bus in time to head to the next stop!

Now, just so we are clear, a ticket for the brewery bus doesn’t give you full license to go hog wild and drink to excess.

(Actually, while we’re on the subject, nothing really EVER gives you free license to do that. You shouldn’t go hog wild and drink to excess, pretty much ever. Back to my point.).

So yeah - don’t get loaded on the brewery bus, but DO drink some beer, make some new friends, and learn a lot about local breweries and the beers they make.

So, if you are the sort of gift-giver that is looking to give an experience as a gift, I can think of few better options than a gift certificate or a couple of tickets for a ride on The Growler Bus or the Maine Brew Bus. Both companies are professionally run by teams with years of experience in the industry and the tours they offer will open you up to a wide variety of flavors and styles that you may not have known were available all around the state!


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