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Three Pint Stance - 2017 Holiday Beer Gifting: Vol. 2 - The Dos

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Welcome back to the Three Pint Stance Guide to Holiday Beer Gifting! Last week, we went over what not to get your beer-loving friend/lover/co-worker/annoying person you have to get a gift for. This week, we get to focus on the things you SHOULD consider getting that person.

On to the list!

Gift Certificates

In the Dont’s installment of this series, we covered the many reasons why a full growler shouldn’t be purchased for someone. For all of the reasons that you shouldn’t buy a growler, you should buy a gift certificate!

Gift certificates - whether they be for the local brewery, tap house, homebrew shop or for something like the Maine Brew Bus or another beer-related activity - are an absolutely perfect gift! From the liquid standpoint, a gift certificate allows the recipient to pick up beer when it is convenient for them and they can plan it out so that the beer can be enjoyed fresh! From the other standpoints, Gift Certificates are like spending someone else’s money without having to steal it!

Some breweries (looking at you, Banded Horn) have run promotions where if you spend $50 or so on gift cards, you get a bonus $5. That is basically free beer right there; that doesn’t happen every day.


I wrote earlier this year about brewfest fashion. More specifically, what to wear to the next brew fest. In that article, I spent a lot of time talking about t-shirts. I love t-shirts. Allen loves t-shirts.

(Editor’s note: It was a LOT of t-shirt talk. And yes, I definitely love t-shirts.)

Dudes love t-shirts. Dudes especially love brewery t-shirts. Get your dude a brewery t-shirt, and if he has a million of them, get him a three-quarter sleeve or a long-sleeve one. And while you’re at it, make him get rid of one of the ones with the holes in the armpit. Those are so gross.

As for the ladies, guess what? They also enjoy t-shirts. T-shirts aren’t a gendered thing. Everyone loves t-shirts. T-shirts for everyone!

OK, seriously though, one of the really cool things about so many of Maine’s small craft breweries growing is that the apparel selection at your local tasting room is probably pretty awesome. Just at Gneiss, we have new three-quarter sleeve t-shirts and these flannel hats that are honestly a little too cool for anyone who works here. Pop into your local brewery and check out the latest merch, you might be surprised at the quality and selection.

Also, if you are looking for something beer-related but not necessarily specific to one brewery, there are lots of online retailers making beer-specific shirts. A favorite of mine is the ‘Beer Drinking Sloth’ baseball-style shirt (you can find it at - the sloth is my spirit animal.

Growler/Six-Pack Tote

Before I let you go, I had to mention this category of gift, because I am seeing more and more of these in the tasting room lately. Wooden Growler/Howler/Six-pack carriers make a great gift, because unlike the growlers themselves, they are unbranded and can be used at any brewery! These wooden crate-like boxes have a handle and dividers set to fit your 64oz, 32oz or 16 12oz bottles perfectly! Some even have a little bottle opener on the side wall, so it’s just a little more perfect. A local artisan making these is Dole’s Orchard in Limington, and you can find their catalog online at

In the end, whatever you do eventually get for the alehead or lager-lover in your life, I’m sure they will love it. We are an easy sort to please, because as long as there is a cold beer nearby, everything is good. Happy shopping!


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