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Three Pint Stance – Quick Sips

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Sometimes, I have a lot on my mind and it can be hard to focus in on one subject. Instead of fighting it, I’m giving in and just writing a bunch of blurbs this week. It’s basically the beer column version of a sampling flight. Enjoy!

  • Narragansett Brewing Company is making its famous lager in Rhode Island again for the first time in over 30 years. After bringing the brand back from near death in 2005, the Isle Brewers Guild (parent company of Narragansett) has brought the brand full-circle by opening a brewery in Pawtucket. I just think this is a neat, feel good story. Ice Brewers is hoping to open a 6,000 square foot beer hall at the brewery in the near future as well. I look forward to visiting ASAP.
  • The 2017 version of Sebago Brewing Company’s Hop Swap is out and features a whole new lupulin lineup. Hops in the current edition include Cashmere, Lemondrop, Citra and Comet.
  • Battery Steele Brewing Company is soon to open at 1 Industrial Way in Portland. 1 Industrial is the current home of Foundation Brewing Company and Austin Street Brewing Company, and served as the starting point for Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide Brewing Company and Bissell Brothers Brewing as well. No exact opening date for Battery Steele has been posted as of yet, but their website has February 2017 listed, so it can be assumed that the opening is imminent.
  • Gneiss Brewing Company and Orono Brewing Company are set to release Pyroclast, their barrel aged wild ale collaboration on March 8th at Elements in Biddeford. Pyroclast was a project conceived by Dustin Johnson of Gneiss and Asa Marsh-Sachs of Orono Brewing to take a high gravity golden ale and age it in a variety of barrels with a variety of wild yeast cultures. Pyroclast will be released in 11.2 oz (330ml) bottles and will be available state-wide beginning mid-March.
  • Geaghan’s Brewing Company and Airline Brewing Company are releasing their collaboration, Friends First, at Nocturnem Draft Haus on March 2nd. Friends First is a Chocolate Cherry Stout, which sounds quite delicious if you ask me. Nocturnem will also be pouring 4 liens of Geaghan’s and 4 lines of Airline alongside the Friends First cask. Don’t miss this one.
  • You may have read that Boston Beer Company’s (parent company of Samuel Adams) stock and earnings were down, and that the sky is falling in the craft beer world. I’m not going to pretend to be a business analyst, but I will say that this is most certainly not a sign of rough times for craft beer. This is just a large national brewery figuring its place in the ever-changing, highly localized craft beer market. Sam Adams isn't going anywhere soon.
  • The Maine Beer Madness Tournament entries have been announced for 2017. This is the fourth installment of Maine Beer Madness, and this NCAA-style tournament using a round-by-round online vote to crown the best beer in Maine. Search for Maine Beer Madness on Facebook to keep tabs on the competition as it unfolds. (Editor’s note: Since Mr. Bissell is too modest to mention it, we will - Gneiss Brewing’s Gneiss Weiss is in the Maine Beer Madness field. Vote early and often!)

That’s all for now. Cheers!


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