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Three Pint Stance – Maine beer resources: Be an informed imbiber!

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With the constant stream of breweries opening, new beers being released, collaborations being concocted and beer events filling up every weekend, it can seem impossible to keep a finger on the pulse of the burgeoning Maine beer scene. The frenetic pace of craft beer in Maine is quite energizing, but it can sometimes feel like there is too much to keep track of. 

With that in mind, I have put together a small list of resources that I look to online to keep tabs on what’s happening in our local beer world. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a list that I threw together while Allen Adams patiently sat at his desk tapping his foot and trying to ignore the ever-worsening twitch in his left eye (Editor’s note: Actually, it’s the right eye.) that has developed from over a year of waiting for me to finish my damn articles and send them over so he can finish his work day and get home to his loving family.

Here’s the list.


The Maine Brewers Guild -

The website for the Maine Brewers Guild has a great list of every brewery in Maine, as well as a link to the Maine Beer Trail Map, an invaluable resource if you ever plan to take a few trips around the state to see the many breweries and tasting rooms Maine has to offer.

Maine Beer Scene -

Maine Beer Scene is a website that grew out of a Google Sheet that catalogued Portland-area breweries, tasting rooms and restaurant and bars where good local craft beer can be found. Maine Beer Scene is definitely more Southern Maine-focused, but can be a great resource if you are in Portland and looking for some tasty suds,

Maine Brewery / Meadery Tasting Room Hours (Google Sheet) -

This Google Sheet put together by Maine author and bookseller (and general awesome dude!) Josh Christie is remarkable in that is is quite expansive, covering every part of the state, and it is all quite up to date. That being said, this is a constantly evolving list; information found there should always be cross-checked with other online resources whenever possible.

Facebook Pages

As far as finding information about a specific brewery, I would strongly urge you to check their Facebook page. Most breweries have a website, but I have found in my time following the beer scene, that social media profiles tend to be the most up-to-date in terms of open hours, special events and current availability. Even if you aren't a Facebook user (in which case - keep holding out, because you’re a G-d hero!), you can access the profiles of most breweries via a Google search through your browser - no app or profile needed!

Twitter People

Lastly, here are some people to follow on Twitter if you want to keep tabs on the day-to-day happenings in the MBU (that’s the Maine Beer Universe).

Don Littlefield - (@BeerInMe) - Maine Brew Bus General Manager and award-winning Maine Beer Ambassador. Links to relevant beer articles and events.

Carla Lauter - (@beerbabe) - Longtime Maine beer blogger. Discussion of local beer events, current beer trends and beer culture at large.

Dave Patterson - (@PattersonWriter) - Beer columnist for Maine Today Magazine. Current beer news and information about new breweries/events.

Benjamin Moore - (@ActiveBeerGeek) - Amazing photos of all things Maine beer!

ME! - (@3pintstance) – Actually … don't bother following me. You are better off just following Don, as he is better at tweeting links to my articles than I am. (Editor’s note: This is woefully accurate.)

#Mainebeer and #beerchat are always great hashtags to check out as well.


That’s my list. Happy information gathering! And remember - a well-researched beer always tastes a little better. Prost! 


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