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Three Pint Stance – Brew-Lumni Night at Woodman’s

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It’s Homecoming week! Well, I mean … sorta. Let me explain.

Friday, March 24th, marks the first-ever Brew-Lumni Night at Woodman’s Bar and Grill in Orono. What’s Brew-Lumni night, you’re wondering? First off, I’m so glad you asked! Second, Brew-Lumni night is a celebration of some of the Maine breweries that have owners/operators/brewers/employees that are graduates of the University of Maine!

Representatives from Orono Brewing Company, Mast Landing Company and Gneiss Brewing Company will be on hand to enjoy the beers we brew and talk about our glory days back at the alma mater.

It may seem a little overly sentimental, but I for one am really looking forward to this night of celebrating Black Bears who now brew beers. It was during my time at the University of Maine that I first realized that I like drinking beer, but more importantly, it was when I learned that I love making beer!

In fact, both Dustin Johnson (co-founder of Gneiss) and I brewed our first batches of homebrew while students at UMaine. Our education and extracurricular time (most of that spent at the bar at Woodman’s, just FYI) were crucial to forming our love and understanding of beer; that time helped lay the foundation of knowledge upon which our recipes are built. Neither of us may have majored in brewing (or even business for that matter!) at UMaine, but our time spent there was beyond beneficial for preparing us to start this endeavor in commercial brewing.

Abe and Heather Furth and Mark Horton, founders of both Woodman’s and Orono Brewing Company, are all UMaine alums. Asa Marsh-Sachs (head brewer at OBC) graduated from UMaine Farmington, and most of the employees at OBC are current or former students at UMaine Orono. Ian Hayden Dorsey and his wife Kelly Burrows Dorsey, founders of Mast Landing Brewing Company, are also UMaine Orono alumni.

To celebrate this “homecoming” of sorts, Woodman’s will be featuring these beers on Brew-Lumni Night:

From Mast Landing:

Seavey Island - Blonde Ale

Dash - American IPA

Green to Green - American IPA

Gunner’s Daughter - Peanut Butter Stout

From Orono Brewing Company:

Porch Light - Session Pale Ale

White Nitro - Cream Ale

Chlorophyll IPA - American IPA

Tubular IPA - American IPA, or Hazelnut Coffee Elwood Brown - Coffee Brown Ale

From Gneiss:

Basalt - Session Porter

Gneiss Weiss - Hefeweizen

Stryeation - Roggenbier

And last, but certainly not least, a collaboration between Gneiss and OBC:

Pyroclast - Barrel Aged Golden Wild Ale

We hope you can join us as we fill the steins to dear old Maine and shout ‘til the rafters ring! Stand and drink a toast once again! Drink to all the happy hours, to all the careless days! Drink to Maine, our alma mater, the college of our hearts always!


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