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This weekend

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This weekend, I committed one of the seven deadly kitchen sins. I put Dawn in the dishwasher. 

It started out innocently enough. I wanted it to be a productive morning. I started a load of laundry, finished my breakfast and loaded the dishwasher. I had just squirted the liquid in and started the washing cycle when something struck me as odd. The soap had seemed thinner, runnier... I took the bottle back out from under the kitchen sink and did a double take. It was Dawn. 

It really couldn't be so bad, could it? I mean soap is soap. I turned the bottle over in my hands, and on the back, capital letters screamed at me: DO NOT USE IN DISHWASHERS. Weird. I had never read that warning before. I was still in doubt that it could cause any real damage, so I did a quick google search. The first answer that came up kindly told me to get off the internet and grab a mop, because I was going to have a mess on my hands. I wasn't going to argue with that. 

I scooted over to the dishwasher and quickly hit the cancel button. There may be no undo buttons in life, but there is a cancel button on a dishwasher, and that's practically the same thing, right? 

Wrong. I was very wrong. I listened as the water drained out of the dishwasher, reluctant to open the door. In my lightning-fast research I had done online, it explained to me that the bubbling agent in products like Dawn works differently than the detergent normal people use. What was on the other side of that door? A flood? Tsunami? A water slide of epic sudsy proportions? 

The answer was foam. Foam that was about the height and thickness of a lawn maintained by a redneck who owns multiple hunting dogs. Not enough to start a flood, but enough to keep me busy for the morning. The dishwasher had only been on for a couple of minutes, and the soap for the main wash hadn't even been released. Yet the bubbles had almost taken over the dishwasher in a foamy rebellion. 

If I was 4 or 5, I would have been elated at the experiment, but as it was, I had a load of bubbles I now had to clear out before I went to work. I grabbed a turkey baster and a ladle. They were my weapons in my totally ridiculous war with the bubbles. I started scooping them into the sink like I was bailing myself out of a sinking ship. 

Finally, after three rinse cycles, the soap had been defeated. I congratulated myself on a battle well fought. Later that night, I ate off one of the cleanest plates I had ever seen. Its gleaming surface reminded me that I need to keep my head in the game, even when doing a task as simple as dishes.


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