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This Ironman chiropractor has seen ‘Captain Marvel’ more than 130 times

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This Ironman chiropractor has seen ‘Captain Marvel’ more than 130 times (photo courtesy Dr. Steve Ruppel)

Since March 7, Wisconsin-based chiropractor Steve Ruppel has been taking a little more time off than usual to go to the movies. Actually – a lot more. He’s been screening just one movie – “Captain Marvel” – and as of last week, he had seen it 130 times.

Ruppel isn’t a superfan, nor is he into cosplay, but he does enjoy breaking Guinness world records. When he heard that a North Carolina man had seen “Avengers: Infinity War” 103 times, he was almost certain he could better it.

“It was a calculated guess,” Ruppel said when I asked why he chose “Captain Marvel” to break the record for most screenings. “It was a movie I felt would be in the theaters long enough to logistically break this record.”

Ruppel – an endurance athlete and 10-time Ironman competition finisher - says he first became enamored with the idea of breaking records while reading the Guinness Book of World Records as a kid.

“When you’re nine years old and reading a book about the longest nose hairs or the strongest man, some of those records seem untouchable,” Ruppel said. “Since then, Guinness has expanded, and they’re creating new records almost every day. Some are a little more difficult (to break) than others.”

Prior to his latest achievement, Ruppel earned the Guinness World Record for fastest time to drink one liter of gravy (12.5 seconds) and most T-shirts worn during a half-marathon (60).

His first record was for the most donuts stacked in one minute (11). Because of Guinness’s stringent verification process, he also had to consume them to prove they were edible.

“It was tough, but I really wanted that record,” he said.

In order for Ruppel’s “Captain Marvel” record to be approved by Guinness, he must supply them with a veritable cornucopia of documentation.

“They’re very specific,” Ruppel said of Guinness’s validation requirements. “I have to have a picture taken either in front of the movie marquee or poster each time that I go, along with the ticket stub for each screening.”

Ruppel also needs to provide two written witness statements for each individual screening of the film – one from a movie usher and the other from a fellow moviegoer in the same theater.

Ruppel’s first 116 screenings of “Captain Marvel” occurred at Cedar Creek Cinema in Rothschild, Wisconsin, where he has become friends with some of the employees. After spending more than 232 hours with them, he knows them all on a first-name basis.

“I think this has been fun for them,” said Ruppel. “Many of the employees at the theater are students. Because I’ve broken other records, they think I’m one of the coolest people they know.”

What do his chiropractic patients think about his months-long “Captain Marvel” marathon?

“They think it’s a gas,” he said. “Especially when they see that I was on ‘Inside Edition’ and some news outlets.”

Ruppel is keeping fairly tight-lipped about his next Guinness record but he says it involves Legos.

“I’m helping an autistic boy with this one,” Ruppel said. “He’s helping me prep for it, but he doesn’t know yet that he’ll actually be doing it. I would like to keep it a surprise. That’s all I can say right now but it’s going to be good.”


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