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Stop giving me static

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We bundle ourselves and our kids up to leave the house this time of year only to be left with bad hat head and even worse static cling! It's that time of year - it's so cold we all really need our hats on to keep warm. But hat hair isn't quite the look we were going for when we left the house was it? Fortunately there are a few tricks of the trade to prevent static in your hair. Here are my top three.

1. Moisture

There is a definite lack of moisture during the winter months, and this is trouble for your hair. Make sure you are adding some extra moisture to your hair via a deep conditioning treatment at your salon and/or a daily leave-in conditioner. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner is a great leave- in that you can use on your hair and your skin. Even better is the in-salon Awaphui Wild Ginger keratin treatment. After one treatment your hair is going to be 60 percent stronger, more conditioned and shiny. A deep conditioning treatment in your salon is not only going to keep your hair healthy, but it makes your color service take better and last longer too. Another way to make sure every inch of your hair is getting the moisture it needs is to make sure you are brushing your hair with a boar's bristle brush daily (contact your hair dresser to get you one if you don't have one). Most people suffer from dry scalp or dandruff this time of year, and a boar's bristle brush is great for that as well.

2. Don't shampoo

Do NOT wash your hair every day. I may sound like a broken record on this one, but is is true. It is never necessary to shampoo every day, no matter your hair type, and it is even more important that you don't in the winter months. Your hair needs the moisture it naturally gets from your scalp, and if you are washing it every day, you are stripping it of those natural oils. Go ahead and rinse your hair in the shower and add conditioner to the ends, just don't shampoo it. Seriously, just start by shampooing every other day and you will see what I mean. I personally hate the days I have to wash my hair. I always brush my hair really well before I shower to loosen up my scalp and to make sure the moisture that comes from my scalp also gets to the ends of my hair (brushing every day will also stimulate your scalp for thicker and faster hair growth).

3. Dryer sheets

Static cling can still occur even if you are taking the best care of your hair, and we all know our kids get it too. For this I pull out another trick from my bag. I keep a dryer sheet in my coat pocket or purse during the winter months. If static cling occurs, pull it out and rub it over the hair and voila, it's gone! Yes, it is that simple. Of course, a better solution is to begin by taking extra special care of your hair during the winter months.


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