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Spring is in the hair

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The gorgeous weather we have been having early this spring definitely has me thinking about summer. A change of seasons is always a good time for a new start, whether that means new clothes, new decor in the house, diet, exercise or anything else.

So how about a new hairstyle? I mean a brand new style - maybe something you have never done before. Why not? What are you waiting for - or better yet, what are you hanging on to? I cannot count the times that I give someone a brand new hairstyle and they look and feel 10 years younger.

I am not just telling you to do this without having experienced it for myself. I cut my hair off recently after five years of having long hair and swearing I would never cut it. I can honestly say I am really happy I did. It looks so much healthier and because it is, I can do so much more with it. Maybe you have been working hard to 'clean up' your life - don't forget about your hair!

Winter dries everything out, including our hair. If your hair is suffering, the best solution is to cut it off and start over. I have been trimming and trimming my hair and hoping to hang onto the length. When I finally got fed up and just cut it all off, instantly my hair looked shiny, healthy and thick. Combine dry winter hair with all the abuse we give to our hair via coloring, blow-drying, curling, flat-ironing, teasing, washing it every day, and more. Our hair deserves a clean start.

I am not telling you to cut all your hair off - but think about it. At the least get a new shape into your hair along with an honest, healthy trim. Not the 'Oh, just take half an inch.' So many of us (me included) hang onto our hair and don't want to cut it, even when it really needs to be. Maybe we are afraid of change. I say let it go and try something new.

Starting with a new hairstyle may be just what you need to jump start your life. You will get a new style and actually take the time to do your hair each day followed by some new makeup or earrings or even a new outfit. I am willing to bet that this could be the best thing you have ever done. Spring is a perfect time to do that and will get you and your hair all ready for what summer has to bring.

Very few women can actually grow long, beautiful, healthy-looking hair on their own. Please know that the rest of them that you see on TV or in magazines with long, gorgeous hair are wearing extensions, I promise. Talk with your hairstylist about what type of hairstyle really works for your, your hair and your lifestyle.

Healthy hair is what is gorgeous. If the ends are dry, skinny or split, they need to go. There is no repairing that. Start fresh, start new. After all, the wonderful thing about hair (and the reason I have a job) is that it grows back. Take a chance and give your hair and yourself a fresh start this Spring.

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