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The Three Pint Stance - Allagash White turns 21

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In the summer of 1995, Rob Tod sold his first kegs of Allagash White to the Great Lost Bear. Now, 21 years later, Allagash White is literally old enough to drink itself (I realize how weird that sounds).

Twenty-one years ago, craft beer looked very different than it does today. I speak from secondhand knowledge as I was only 10 when Allagash White first appeared, but I assure you things were different. Beers that exhibited yeast character were basically unheard of, and forget about anything that poured cloudy. Rob Tod realized that there was a place for flavorful Belgian-style ales in the American market and took a chance that continues to pay off to this day.

If you haven't had a White in a while, do yourself a favor and grab a glass next time you see it on tap at your local watering hole. Pay attention to the cloudy appearance and the fluffy head. Notice how the spices used in brewing blend into the fruity esters created during fermentation. Finally, make sure to flag down the waitstaff because you'll have to order your second one before too long.

And beyond just having a White, if you live in Maine and you haven't visited the Allagash brewery yet, you really should move that to the top of your summer to-do list. Allagash is a large-scale production brewery that still maintains the attitude and feel of a small operation. The staff is incredibly friendly and the brewery tour is immersive and impressive. From the deck of their 75-barrel (2,325 gallon!) brew house to the Wild Barrel Room, Allagash's is easily one of the best brewery tours in the country.

On a personal note, as someone who owns and operates a small brewery that is just shy of 3 years old, reaching the age of 21 seems like a monumental achievement. Congratulations are certainly in order to everyone at Allagash for reaching this milestone. Cheers to many more!

Summer Session selling out quick

If you were planning on attending Summer Session: Maine Brewer's Guild Beer Festival at Thompson's Point in Portland on July 23rd and you haven't purchased your tickets yet, get on it! The VIP session has already sold out and the general session is looking like it is headed toward selling out as well. This is the festival to attend if you are only going to attend one festival this summer. Tickets are available online at


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