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There's always a second life

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Reuse and Recycle I try my best to live by these words. Whether it's plastic grocery bags or food containers, leftovers after dinner or even extra screws after a project, I try to save everything that might come in handy at a later time when you may need it most.

Believe me, though, that it might be the reason we have full junk drawers I'm running out of room.

Regardless of what things you may consider throwing away, there's usually a use for everything that might be headed for the trash can. In fact, I recently found a list on Facebook that had different uses for old light bulbs of all things:

Flower vase

Just remove the metal ring and the filament wires, fill with water, and add a flower. To get it to stand up use something round to act as the base such as a small jar lid or plastic cap.

Air plants

These are little organisms that seem to be quite popular these days, and they can survive without being planted. They just hang out and sit on whatever surface they're placed on, and they look super cool suspended in hanging light bulb vases. Just do as above; however suspend the vase by fishing line or wire. These look great hanging all in a row, in a windowsill, even outside from a garden arbor or over a deck.

Christmas ornament

Just take an old light bulb, finger paints, some glue and lots of glitter. This would be a fun family craft project.

Tiny terrarium

Like the vase, remove the metal ring and insides, and then fill the bulb with moss, some pebbles, and mini pinecones. Love the beach then make a beachy version by putting some sand and little sea shells in the old bulb.

Oil lamp

This is very cool it's like going back in time when the light bulb wasn't even invented. The best way to get instructions on how to do this is to go to YouTube. There are several different ways to do this so find one that suits your creativity.

Spice rack

Start saving the bulbs and put them away. I prefer to use matching bulbs (only because I have a symmetrical personality, but you can use whatever sizes you wish). Carefully remove the metal screw ring and the insides, but hold onto the screw ring that will be your 'spice cap'. Thoroughly wash and dry the bulbs, then fill them with all your bulk-bought spices for display. Put the metal caps on them and display them in nice ceramic egg holder.

Pinterest is another great place to see different ways to recycle your basic light bulbs. Light bulbs are iconic and shapely and visually pleasing to look at. So as we move forward to using more energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps that last up to 10 times longer than a regular bulb, recycling old bulbs into creative projects is a way to keep what may become obsolete from landing in our landfills.


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