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Are free samples worth it?

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I used to disregard free samples, often wondering what I would do with such a small quantity. However, I found such samples really handy when I travel or if a family member became sick and we'd try one of the over-the-counter medication samples to hold me over until I could buy the full size.

As funny as it sounds, today I submit every free sample offer that comes my way, tucking it away for future needs.

Free samples are a way for companies to entice you to buy their product. This gives you a chance to try a product you wouldn't normally purchase. They conveniently fit in your purse or car, and are great for emergencies or travel. I even saw a post online where some frugal soul put together great little teacher gift baskets using free samples, which apparently turned out amazing.

If you're worried about providing your personal information, I recommend opening a Yahoo or Gmail account for freebie purposes to prevent your personal account from getting slammed with offers from companies. Yet such manufacturers having your address can be a good thing the amount of coupon offers arriving in my mailbox has increased since I began applying for these freebies.

Here are five ways that free samples have saved you money, making life that much easier:

1. When there is a need for a quick, over-the-counter remedy, you can take care of the issue immediately. This avoids running to the store late at night, and paying full price for an item that you may only use once.

2. By requesting samples for hair care, oral care, lotion, and soap, you're able to pack more efficiently when traveling.

3. You're able to try new products prior to purchasing them, thus reducing potentially unused or unwanted items.

4. You can create gift baskets for events like house warming, get well situations and baby showers. By using themed samples to create these gifts, I have saved money in my gift-giving budget.

5. I have encountered situations where I ran out of laundry detergent or other household items. I was able to grab a backup sample to hold me over until my next shopping trip. This has saved me gas money and avoided last-minute trips to the store.

The point is they are free and it only takes seconds of your time to sign up. And they usually come with coupons!


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