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Happy Father's Day to me

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Happy Father's Day to me Image courtesy

As anyone will tell you, I abhor talking about myself. But this week's article is about The Yankee Chef. I just learned that the cover of my first book, 'The Yankee Chef,' can be viewed (along with the book description) online at Just put 'The Yankee Chef' in the search bar to your left at this site and you will see a miniature picture of my book pop up. Click on the book cover and you will see some info on the book itself along with a larger image of the jacket. Although it says the book won't be available until January of 2013, Schiffer Publishing has a two month buffer, so it will be ready to order at the beginning of November. I am thrilled, and I think my father would be as well. If it wasn't for him, I certainly would not have had the ambition and tenacity it took to "peddle my wares" from publisher to publisher.

Now I would love to thank a very special outfit for their role in me being so handsome in my pink chef's coat. (Hey, Father's Day is coming up - I'm entitled) Unifirst is my first sponsor and I am proud to call Tracy a friend. Everyone at the Bangor office was fantastic to deal with, and Unifirst presented me with two, top-of-the-line chef's coats. One is my trademark pink coat, while the other is a beautiful black color. They did the embroidery as well. I can't say enough about them. That's why I give them a plug every chance I get on my YouTube videos.

And speaking of YouTube, I have about 20 so far and would love to invite everyone and anyone to take a gander. I try to make them as brief as possible but still get my persona across, as well as the recipes, tips and historical perspective of everything I cook. I haven't had the time to reach out to other tentative sponsors the way I would like but I am always up to chatting about possibilities for sponsorship to anyone who may be interested, especially in the way of food used in these videos. Now don't take me wrong, I am not begging for sponsorship, I am content with the status quo, but I am a cheap Yankee after all.

I am constantly amazed at the views I receive on my blogs and website. At over 25,000 for and more than 5100 on, I am tickled pink at the thought of so many people interested in a true New England chef and Food Historian, even at, the Boston Herald online edition of whom I blog. It must be the name, because I am within a month of going under contract with Tom Estey, a publicist who lives in NYC, who represents singers, authors, celebrities and the list goes on and on. Google him and see for yourself.

I have been blessed with readers from The Maine Edge who have graced me with their opinions and presence on Facebook and welcome all who would like to become new friends with me. There is one difference with my Facebook recipes though. They are almost all "shortcut" recipes. This means that I use many, many premade items because of the time constraints so many parents have nowadays. I am not, however, advocating the nutrition of the ingredients. I am just helping those who have either very little time or a small family budget to consider.

I have partnered with Wesley Croft as well. He is a local farmer who sells his produce at farmers markets and other roadside stands through the greater Bangor area. I provide him with custom recipes using his fresh vegetables and fruits, while he will be providing me much-needed technical expertise in the way of social media marketing.

In closing, I would like to say that only in New England will you find people and businesses that are willing to swap, barter and just plain help one another. I have really been pleasantly surprised at every request I have made over the past few months with regards to my pending book release and the publicity that goes along with it. Even Barbara McDade, the director of the Bangor Public Library has (in very few words) told me that I had better have my first book-signing at the library, along with any cooking demonstrations. Who am I to argue with 'The Director?' It has been a pleasant experience so far and there are a few surprises yet to come that I will not announce until the book's release.

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