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A big pink thank you

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I was going to give you the most popular food column of the year to end 2012, but I would much prefer to say a few words of gratitude. I have been so blessed the past year I can't even begin to thank everyone. It truly all started with my first column with The Maine Edge. Although I currently write for over a dozen newspapers, many in larger cities, it all started with this weekly because of the generosity of Katy and Mike. In fact, it is solely because of my column appearing every week in this paper that I was able to sign with Schiffer Publishing after being turned down by other publishers. For reasons I still haven't asked about, the owner was in England vacationing when he came across and decided to give me a call from his hotel room one evening (bet his wife was none too happy about him working while on vacation).

Now I am at a point where in 2012 alone, I received more emails than the previous five years combined, and I am happy to say I answer each and every one of them. Be it my "weekly proofreaders" that tell me of some omissions in my recipes or simply someone telling me about their old family recipe or story, I love chatting with anyone and everyone. I meet so many people on the street just wanting to say hi, and on the other hand there are those (and you know who you are) who would rather whisper and stare at me. If it is because you don't know if you should come up to me, my answer is emphatically YES! Heck, once you start talking to me, you will see I am just like you, but maybe just a little more talkative. So don't be shy, tap me on the shoulder and simply say, "Hi".

I am also very pleased to be wearing my pink chef's coat on behalf of breast cancer awareness. It is a personal reminder for me and I hope to devote much more of my time and energy in the near future to this worthy cause.

This coming year will be bringing many changes for me, hopefully on a national level, but my pledge for the coming year will be to continue writing for The Maine Edge (as long as Katy and Mike have me) and always be accessible to everyone, be it through email or bumping into you at Walmart. I have enjoyed, with the utmost devotion, my tenure with this great paper and your reliable readership. So keep the emails coming and bookmarked. Thank you everyone and Happy New Year!


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