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Snowman collection earns Mainer a spot in Guinness Book

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Snowman Snowman Courtesy of Becky Bunker

PENOBSCOT - Becky Bunker of Penobscot is addicted to snowmen. She's been collecting them since 1998, and now her enormous collection has earned her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"I contacted them as a joke back in September. I didn't think they'd do anything, but then they called and said they'd send someone to come count them on Dec. 16," said Bunker. 

However, in order for this Mainer's stockpile to be considered the world's largest collection of snowmen memorabilia, Bunker had to follow a few rules. She had to have them all out on display, and they had to remain that way for at least a month. 

"I was working on it morning, noon and night. We even had to build shelves for them," she said. "I have metal ones, 14 karat gold ones, dancing ones, ones that sing, ones that come from Germany and old, old ones that were on my grandmother's Christmas tree." 

One by one, Bunker began accumulating the lovable winter sculptures from yard sales, thrift stores or friends and family. 

"It's different when you walk in my house. Every time you come in you see something you didn't see the first time," said Bunker. "You could come in here nine times and on the 10th time come in and say, 'I didn't see that one.'"

It didn't take long for Bunker to realize she didn't have hundreds of snowmen but rather thousands of them.

"The Guinness Book [representatives] counted 13,236," she said. "Two days after the count, the official called me and said it would be in the book in 2015. I get five of the books, I get some coin and a certificate stating I made the book." 

Bunker's collection is now in storage, but she admits she has considered pulling it out again well before next Christmas.

"I told my husband and son that I was going to put them all out front this year for a big yard sale and sell every one of them for a dollar and I'd have $13,000 to buy myself a new truck," Bunker joked. "But they said, 'I don't think so.' My son Zach really wants them. They're his inheritance."


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