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Summer is wrapping up, and fall is just around the corner. Whether you are sitting around a campfires of the year or kicking off fall with a blazing bonfire, without a doubt you will want to make a delicious s'mores. After all, who doesn't love the classic taste of graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate? If the treat is getting to mundane for your taste, however, or you just want to try something new, consider these variations to a nostalgic favorite.

Rolo centers -- Try jazzing up your s'more by substituting the chocolate with a Rolo. The caramel-filled treats are round, which means they perfectly fit inside the marshmallow and can be toasted at the same time. If you are running short on graham crackers, they also make a tasty treat by themselves. Say hello to melted caramel and creamy chocolate.

Peanut butter and chocolate -- The dessert combination that wins over the pickiest of eaters is not hard to achieve with a s'mores. Because chocolate is already included in the classic combo, all you need to do is add peanut butter to the graham cracker, and you have a grand slam hit. For more texture, try creamy peanut butter. To really take it to the next level, substitute the milk chocolate with a peanut butter cup. It's sure to become your new favorite variation.

S'mores cones -- I scream, you scream, we all scream for s'mores? That's correct, because this variation changes things up by using an ice cream cone. Simply take the cone of deliciousness, as we will call it, and stuff it with mini marshmallows and chocolate. This version of s'mores is meant to be made indoors. Heat them up using a microwave or use a muffin tin to prop them up in the oven. For a tropical twist that is healthy, you can add bananas and strawberries to the cones. It's like instant chocolate covered strawberries -- stuffed in a s'mores ice cream cone.

Fudge striped sandwich -- If you had to pick the boring part of a s'more, one would have to say the graham cracker. It just doesn't have a lot going for it. In steps the ideal substitute: the fudge striped cookie. On brand or off brand doesn't matter, they both work perfectly. The fudge stripes are both tasty and aesthetically pleasing, and no one can argue when you add more chocolate in the mix.

The next time that you decide to indulge in the all-too-familiar marshmallow sandwich, consider using one of these recipes for optimal awesomeness. Even better, create your own variation using ingredients from around the kitchen that stand out to you. Nutella s'mores? Totally possible. S'mores cake pops? Why not?


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