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Putting the treat' in Trick or Treat

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Local baker offers Halloween candy-inspired cupcakes

BANGOR - Remember the times you dressed up as your favorite ghoul and scampered door to door collecting dozens, if not hundreds of sugary treats from neighbors and friends? Good times. But there comes a time in every person's life when they have to hang up the candy bags and start dishing out the treats instead of receiving them.

But Nicole King of Cherry Acres Bakery is bringing back the treats for adults - in cupcake form.

'This inspiration for the cupcakes are Halloween candy. All the fun stuff you get when you're trick or treating. Since we're adults, I thought we could enjoy them all month long,' said King. To date, King has already created a Nerds, Butterfinger and Laffy Taffy cupcake. Each features the candy of its name integrated into the sweet treats. The cupcakes are delivered to Giacomo's in downtown Bangor three times a week.

'I used the rainbow pack of Nerds and made it like a funfetti cake - but with Nerds,' she said. 'It has vanilla frosting so it doesn't take away from the cake.'

The result was a gorgeous mini-cake with colorful bits of candy sprinkled on the frosting. Can you say yum?

If for some strange reason cupcakes don't do it for you (whatever, more for me), King has a love for all sorts of baked goods and is waiting to take your order.

'I do a lot of special orders - scones, pies and cookies. I'll do anything for the holidays,' she said. She noted that she does have a menu for people to choose from but is ready and willing to take special orders.

'I make whatever people want. It's the same with the cupcakes. You can mix or match however you want,' said King. She's working on getting her own storefront in downtown Bangor, but in the meantime you can get your cupcake fix at Giacomo's. If you'd like to know what they have in-store, follow Cherry Acres Bakery on Facebook and Twitter.

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