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Challenger launches afternoon lecture and Q&A

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Bangor - The Challenger Learning Center of Maine is pleased to announce the launch of a new afternoon lecture/Q&A series. Beginning Nov. 16 from 2 to 3 p.m., and continuing on each Monday in January 2016, Challenger will present experts from NASA as well as locally, who will share information on a variety of topics related to space exploration and earth science.

The inaugural presentation in November, "Thriving and Surviving on Mars," will feature a live videoconference arranged exclusively for Challenger from the Armstrong Flight Research Center in California (formerly the Dryden Center). Dr. David Alexander, BS, M.Ed, will focus on the challenges that must be met in order to survive a long duration stay on the planet Mars by exploring the movie, "The Martian," through Challenger's "virtual classroom," to discuss some of the challenges NASA astronauts will have to overcome to survive on the red planet.

Throughout the program, Dr. Alexander will reference scenes from the movie to determine if these events are science fiction or science fact. The presentation focuses on why we want to travel to Mars, shelter that is needed to survive, the focus on maintaining health in long-duration space travel, and how communication technologies are necessary in order to survive and thrive on the fourth planet from the Sun.

Admission is $10. Space is limited - reservations may be made through (public events page), or by calling (207) 990-2900 ext. 1. Directions to the Center, located at 30 Venture Way in Bangor.

For those who wish to stay after the event concludes, Challenger will be offering brief guided tours of the Center's Mission Control, Spacecraft, and Space Lab simulators.


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