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Author celebrates nature's, breath's effective healing powers

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SOUTHWEST HARBOR John W. Cardano, author of 'Natural Relations' and 'The Fabric of Health,' shares a poetic compilation of the healing experience he embarked upon when he traveled to Little Wild Horse Canyon (published by Xlibris). This uplifting testimony in waves of rhythm and rhyme delivers the powerful message of the healing properties of nature and breath.

This poetry collection celebrates relationships shared by wind and breath in shaping this world and man's health. It also highlights the vast beauty of the high desert scenes that open the readers' hearts, while the poem's story orients readers into nature and gently guides them through a life-enhancing breath.

'For many years, I studied alternative health modalities in order to find relief. That only deepened my respect and appreciation of nature,' Cardano said. 'There is a calm, a recognition of subtle consistent change, and a vibrational harmony we feel even looking at a picture of nature.'

His 40 years of study and growing his health through breath has enabled Cardano to share an authentic account that testifies to the wonders of proper breathing and getting close to nature. 'Little Wild Horse Canyon' is a fitting testament to health, well-being and spiritual connections through nature.


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