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Pie Guy & Son Pizzeria opens in downtown Hermon

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Pie Guy Pie Guy

HERMON - The football season is in full swing, and it's helping at least one Hermon business score lots and lots of customers. Pie Guy & Son Pizzeria, next to Danforth's Supermarket on Route 2, has been open for just four months, but it's quickly becoming a go-to spot for Hermon High School and NFL football fans.

"The school and the town have been good. We provide all the pizzas for the games at the schools. We sell them at discount and then they sell them by the slice," said Dustin Littlefield, co-owner of Pie Guy & Son Pizzeria.

Littlefield's football Sunday deal of one large and one small one-topping pizza and a two-liter bottle of soda for $16.99 is also a popular offering among game lovers. So are his 50-cent wings.

"I like to order the wings or pizza," said Jeremy Ayotte, Pie Guy & Son's very first and now most frequent customer. "This is the best pizza I've ever had. It's not greasy at all."

Littefield's pizza is becoming so popular that most people order his white pizza or Big Mac pizza more than any other menu item.

"The Big Mac pizza smells awesome while it's cooking. It's made with Thousand Island dressing, hamburger, onion, American cheese with mozzarella and pickles and lettuce after it's cooked," he explained. "Our white pizza is olive oil, garlic, ricotta cheese, spinach and chicken. Some people take that and add tomato to it, or take the chicken off and add sausage." 

Matthew Cullens, a senior at Hermon High School, said he has eaten here at least 20 times.

"I've never had a pizza from here that was bad," said Cullens. "My favorite is pepperoni."

Littlefield knows how important repeat customers like Cullens and Ayotte are to a small business, so he too makes sure to support other local businesses when he needs to stock up on supplies.

"We try and buy locally. We get our pizza boxes and cheese through Dennis Paper. Every other day I go and pick up brick oven rolls. We get our menus done at Jiffy Print because it's local. Everything we can, we try and buy locally," he said. 

Overall, it's been a fairly good first quarter for Pie Guy & Son Pizzeria, and Littlefield is looking forward to many more successful seasons ahead.   

"Everyone that comes in asks how business is and wishes us the best," said Littlefield. "It's nice to feel wanted."


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