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Peanut butter balls

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Peanut butter balls Peanut butter balls

Let me start by saying that I am not Rachael Ray, or that Julia person everyone references when they talk about cooking. I don't even think I could pretend to be the absent-minded chef from Pixar's 'Ratatouille.' I don't even know what ratatouille is. Simply put, I am not a chef. Every once in a while though, I come across something I want to tackle, even if it means setting off the fire alarms. Peanut butter balls are one such item. 

I tackled these chocolate and peanut butter concoctions with my sister, who is slightly more talented in the kitchen than I am. Her food usually comes out edible. Here's what we used. 

1 cup powdered sugar 

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (we ended up using more) 

3 tablespoons of butter (or margarine) softened 

1 lb dipping chocolate 

1/4 cup white chocolate chips 

First we mixed together the powdered sugar, peanut butter and butter. We had to add more peanut butter because our original mixture was too flaky. Next, we sculpted them into balls about an inch in diameter and melted our dipping chocolate. Some people like to let their peanut butter balls harden before they move on, but there was dessert at stake, and there was no time to be wasted. We made the world's smallest assembly line to dip them in the chocolate using a fork, and set them on wax paper in timely fashion. We put them in the refrigerator for a little while as we melted the white chocolate. My sister drizzled this on in zebra-like stripes afterwards for a finishing touch.  

Overall, they were fairly simple to make, and quickly disappeared from our refrigerator.


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