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Meeting the ‘Gusterrhoids!’

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In advance of Guster’s second annual “On The Ocean” weekend festival, scheduled for August 3-5 in Portland, I reached out to three of the band’s fans to discuss Guster, the band’s dedicated fanbase, the upcoming “On The Ocean” festival and how the three “Keep it Together” on social media.

The trio met through their shared love of Guster and are each an administrator of the “Gusterrhoids” fan page on Facebook. The page is not officially sanctioned by Guster; however, the band did give their blessing to its creation.

Brian Hracyk is a resident of Windsor Locks, Connecticut; Beth Prins resides in Hartland, Wisconsin; Channing Langston hails from Louisville, Kentucky. All three are longtime Guster fans and all three are very much looking forward to spending time in Maine during the band’s second annual three-day festival in Portland.

Brian: Channing, Beth and I all met online through the original Guster message board. In 2016, Guster was scheduled to play a show in Philadelphia but a snowstorm caused it to be cancelled and rescheduled for June. We had this idea of all driving to Philadelphia for the rescheduled show. Channing drove from Kentucky, Beth and her family came from Wisconsin and my wife and I drove down from Connecticut. When we met in person, it was as if we had all been together for years. After we returned from that trip, we thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great to form a page to help bring other Guster fans together in the same way?’ We asked drummer Brian Rosenworcel if we could take the idea and run with it and he encouraged it.

Beth: Guster fans tend to be a pretty good lot – they’re good people. There are a lot of things out there that Guster fans might find interesting or fun but the band can’t post them all – that isn’t practical. We hopefully keep Guster at the forefront of people’s minds. Guster fans tend to be very enthusiastic about the band. They really do feel like a special band to me. I think a lot of the fans recognize that and they tend to be more into it beyond just the music.

Channing: Since we started ‘Gusterrhoids,’ we’ve become friends with so many different fans across the country that this is our excuse to hang out. We all meet up at different shows, and now that we have this recurring “On The Ocean” weekend in Maine, we all come from California, Texas, Georgia, and everywhere else, to meet up in Maine for the weekend. It’s like we’re taking a group vacation together. Guster people are the best people.

The Maine Edge: What part of Guster’s upcoming “On The Ocean” weekend are you most looking forward to?

Channing: I think maybe the Friday night concert at the State Theatre. That venue has a lot of history with Guster fans. “Guster on Ice” (released in 2004) is the only live concert film we have as Guster fans and we’ve all seen it a hundred thousand times (laughs). Also, I don’t know how many lobster rolls I ate last year, but I’m looking to beat my personal best this time.

Brian: I would say I’m most looking forward to the Thompson’s Point show and hopefully hearing more of the new songs. I’m also looking forward to seeing the community of fans there. The music is always most important but interacting with other Guster fans is something I always look forward to.

Beth: I’m looking forward to the whole community aspect of “On The Ocean.” They did a set of 25th anniversary shows in Boston a couple of years ago. They played four shows in a row with activities in between for the band and fans to mingle. That was a blast, and “On The Ocean” is very much in the same vein.

The Maine Edge: What is it about Guster that makes them such a special band?

Beth: Guster will often go the extra mile for their fans and I think that’s kind of rare in music these days. They don’t like to be distant from their fans; they like to mingle with them and kind of bring them into the experience. In that way, Guster is really more like a family instead of being just a band with fans.

Brian: They’ve always taken their music very seriously but they don’t take themselves too seriously. They’ll poke fun at themselves or tell a funny or embarrassing story at a concert to have everyone laugh along with them. They play a different set of songs every night and they’ve always made themselves accessible to fans. After 25-plus years, the friendship between the members of the band is very obvious to the audience. It really shows onstage.

Channing: I met one of my closest friends in the whole world at a Guster meet and greet after a show in Cincinnati. Brian Rosenworcel (Guster’s drummer and percussionist) actually introduced us. He made a joke that we were the only two Guster fans in Kentucky. He brought me over to meet Amanda. Funnily enough, that’s also how I met my boyfriend – because we both knew Brian. Music impacts your life and that’s wonderful, but if you find the right band to love, those people will change your life in numerous ways.

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