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Levant teen meets Dysart's celebrities

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HERMON - A 13-year-old Levant girl is having quite a memorable summer traveling, swimming and camping. But this month Aleah Dean's summer break got even better when she ran into a pair of local YouTube celebrities at Dysart's in Hermon. The young teen spotted none other than Jack and Sonja Palmer, the elderly couple whose commercial outtakes for the popular area truck stop are an internet sensation. 

"We went over to meet them and my dad showed them they had over 1 million views on YouTube on his iPhone," said Aleah Dean. "I think they were shocked."

The Palmers are Dysart's regulars, according to the restaurant's web site. And Jack gave the film crew plenty of blooper material when he stumbled over his pot pie line, "Baked in a buttery flaky crust," again and again.

"She [Sonja] reminded me of my grandmother actually. She was personable and sweet," said Kelley Dean, Aleah's mom. "I kind of felt bad because they were right in the middle of their breakfast [when we met them.]"

"Yeah, my mom said, 'Hi guys,' and the lady goes, 'Is my lipstick running [or something?]' She was so funny," explained Aleah. "I think they thought it was odd that we wanted a picture with them."

If they did, the couple sure didn't show it, because they both stood up and posed on either side of the soon-to-be eighth grader just like loving grandparents would so that her folks could snap a few photos.

"After that night, me, my sister and mom were re-watching the YouTube video of them over and over again. We couldn't get enough of it," said Aleah. "She [Sonja] was getting ripped at him [in the video] and when she had a go at his line, she messed it up."

So how did this celebrity encounter rank up there with the rest of her summer experiences?

"It was one of the highlights of my week," said Aleah. 


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